Aims of the E.D.P.

We are often asked why we The English Democratic Party Org.uk (E.D.P.ORG UK) are not a registered political party.

The answer is that although the party had contested a) the 1997 General Election as The English Democratic Party (E.D.P) and also contested b) the 1999 European Election as The EDP -- English Freedom Party when we decided to register the party it was refused (See below).

At the 1999 European Election broadcast in the West Midlands at the Black Museum we were introduced as the English Democratic Party. We wore a rosette as shown below which also identifies the wearer as a member of the English Democratic party. The Election Office in Birmingham  refused to allow the use of the name and we were given about five minutes to come up with an alternative which is how the EDP-ENGLISH FREEDOM PARTY came into being for that particular ELECTION.

At the 1997 General Election we were listed as the EDP  English Democratic Party and our literature stated as much and the rosette was again as shown below. It was the 1998 Register of Political Parties  Act which gave parties the opportunity to register their party name. Our application was turned down and we were asked to supply another name. Then arrived the ELECTORAL COMMISSION which also refused to allow us to register our party name. Yet in 2002 the Commission accepted the name of another English political party calling itself the ENGLISH DEMOCRATS

Both party names were unacceptable by ;

A) The Registrar of Political Parties - May 1997.

B) The Electoral Commission - June 2002.

We understand that it is not obligatorily for a political party to register with the Electoral Commission though their are advantages. e.g. protection of party name, a name with emblem on voting slips. Registration of Political Party's Act 1998 - Section 2-(2) A party may apply for inclusion in the register

It has been brought to our attention that there is a recently registered Political Party by the name of English Democrats Party. Which has led to a considerable amount of confusion to our many viewers.

The English Democratic Party Org.UK are a separate party formed in 1994 before the English Democrats Party and we have no association with the aforementioned party, and we wish them success with their endeavours.


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