About Us

The E.D.P. was formed in 1994 when it became apparent that the main political parties intended closer union with Europe. Our members are from all sections of the populace and of all political persuasions. Their main motive in joining is to protect our English way of life.

As is usual amongst all citizens of this land, politics is far from their minds. We are usually content to leave the political arena to those few who wish to make it their career. Only at election time will the majority of the electorate decide to get involved - and then most reluctantly. It is how we are as a people - an insular race who cherish their privacy and who love their country (though characteristically many would be embarrassed to say so) and have an instinctive respect for our country's historic past.

Many will say, what chance has a new political party to make any impression on the attitudes of the main parties? Well, we say that you have to make a beginning in order to make progress. In the past century many new parties were established whose policies were almost identical, as is the case with the main parties today. We consider our aim to protect the sovereignty of this country the most important issue since the creation of the realm of England over 1200 years ago.

We hope you will take advantage of this and vote for a Party which has a vision of a NEW ENGLAND in a Greater Britain.

Michael C. Gibbs
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