No doubt like many in the UK you have  THIS MONTH received your Notice of Coding from Glasgow and others will follow from Barnstable, On the last occasion we received a total of 13 P60 but this was not a record as a  senior citizen correspondent to the Daily Mail had received 17.

Well we are well on our way to reaching that target with receiving

6 from Glasgow on Saturday 10th July,2010

It the past is anything to go by we should shortly be receiving  possibly another 6 from BARNSTABLE and no doubt a further 6 from Leicester'   This will mean that we have obtained the unenviable target of

18 - P60's


Last year we questioned why it was necessary for HM REVENUE & CUSTOMS to send out particularly to aged pensioners with no other income than that provided by a State Pension and a small annuity so much unnecessary and wasted paperwork at any time but particularly when the Nation's finances are in such a dire state.   As we stated last year there must be too many persons working at HM Revenue & Customs  when there is so much duplication of effort many times over - to what purpose?

The Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has asked the PEOPLE to let him know what cuts should be made in the PUBLIC SECTOR.   Well! he could sort out the diabolical wasted effort in the DEPARTMENT of HM REVENUE & CUSTOMS


On the 16th June 2010 we wrote to the Revenue & Customs to claim back overpaid tax from the past three years and have yet to receive an answer. Even when one calls in person to a local office of HMR&C it is of little help because how does the member of staff decide which of the 13 and possibly 18 this year of P60's to take as being the correct status of the enquirer?   As no doubt many who have tried to make contact on the telephone it is frustrating and confusing and for many elderly pensioners a absolute pain to obtain the good and sympathetic service they expect after paying so much tax over a long lifetime but so shabbily and callously treated in the 'Winter of their days'.

We ask the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Glegg