Sarkozy slams U.S. missile shield

[Daily Mail, Saturday, November 15,2008]

NICOLAS Sarkozy risked getting off to a bad start with Barrack Obama yesterday by siding with Russia over Washington's missile defence system.

The French leader ,also current EU president, added to tensions between the two powers over the plans.

Russia believes U.S. plans to put a missile defence system in Poland and the Czech Republic to protect the U.S. against missile strikes from rogue states such as Iran poses a THREAT TO SECURITY.

Last night Moscow announced plans to deploy tactical weapons in the Baltic enclave of KALININGRAD, boarding POLAND, in response.

At a summit in NICE the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev yesterday, Mr Sarkozy said:

'Deployment of a missile defence system would bring nothing to SECURITY in EUROPE.

It would complicate things and make them move backward.'

He proposed a freeze on missile development until after a conference he wants to hold next year on

EUROPEAN SECURITY, to which he would invite the RUSSIANS. BUT U.S. DEFENCE SECRETARY Robert Gates yesterday condemned the Russian threat to place missile on the Polish border  as

'provocative and misguided'.

He added: This is hardly the welcome, a new American administration deserves.'


[The German and Russian tactic is for each to get the better of a bargain. It was so early in the 20th century as it is today in 2008.  The South Ossetia conflict was a mild rebuke to the Germans as a NATO member.   One has only to mention Kaliningrad to a German and he will smile and no doubt comment you mean Konigsberg.   He will say we are friends of the Russians and we will come to some agreement in the future, meaning we will have it back.  But KALININGRAD is a vast vital military depot of Russian defence on its right flank near the Polish border near Gdansk, on the Baltic shore which is matched by  another vast military depot on its left flank at MOSDOK near the GEORGIA border.  It would hardly be given up by Russia until their dream of a GERMAN/RUSSIAN collectivist EUROPE is almost in place.  EUROPE [including the provinces of the once UK would be divided between those two countries.  It may take ten years or even less depending on whether the members of the EUROPEAN COLLECTIVE-particularly BRITAIN - WAKE UP IN TIME.]



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