Part 1


This must amount to one of the greatest understatements of the last sixty six years, as after the return from Munich in 1938 of Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain who having conferred with Adolf Hitler had obtained his signature on a piece of paper which he waved as he emerged from his aircraft and again when he was in Downing Street when he used the words:


This is the second time in our history that there has come back from Germany to Downing Street peace with Honour. I believe it is peace in our time.’


 At least The Right Honourable Neville Chamberlain was as his title indicated was a honourable man and had only the desire to protect his People from the horror of WAR.


The demeanour of our discredited Prime Minister in the House of Commons on Wednesday the 14th of July 2004 showed to the world press and media the depths to which he would sink by the smirk that covered his face during the debate while he still refused to acknowledge his personal involvement in the illegal Invasion of Iraq. 


What is shocking beyond belief is to know that the same Lord Butler who conducted the so-called Independent Inquiry was the same senior Civil Servant who signed two ‘Orders in Council’ within hours of Tony Blair taking office in 1997 which gave Tony the very power which enabled him to side step our Civil Service with his own cabal in order to eventually to lead our country to War on a Lie.   This information disclosed at the time of the appointment of Lord Butler to head the Inquiry would have shown him as grossly unsuitable, because in the legal sense ‘He was Judge in his own Cause’.


This explains why he laid no blame on individuals but on Collective Responsibility.  How may we ask can there have been such a statement agreed when the evidence points the finger- but does not nail the traitor - to be brought to justice?  The self- satisfied look of Michael Mates and the equally superior air of Ann Taylor both Defence Committee Members does not in our opinion justify their pompous demeanour. 


It would have been better if the selection of an Inquiry chairman and committee members should have been nominated by the House of Commons -Grand Jury -after all the matter under discussion went to the heart of the workings of our Democracy?


All previous holders of security positions in previous Committee’s of the House since 1997 who have been shown not to be reliable and trustworthy should have been barred to the appointment.  This would have given the Inquiry the strength of an impartial Select Committee, which would have enhanced the Commons in the eyes of the World. After all many of the previous committee members are now tarred with the same brush of collusion with a Dictator.


The scenes in the Chamber on the Labour side of the House showed the Blairites to the world with their same idiotic and childish and partisan behaviour, which enabled their Dictator to get away with an illegal Invasion. At such a time as this many Labour supporters in the country we are sure do not see the point in their MP’s not accepting the verdict in good grace after all they were themselves betrayed by the lies of their Leader.


When the idea of televising the Commons was mooted those years ago many opposed because of the manner and method of debate in the Chamber, which might give the wrong opinion of workings of the House.  Well I’m sure most people are now used to the goings on but we are sure they are getting very disenchanted at the two-faced antics of many members of the House.


They can have their fun from time to time but when Important Issues which concern everyone in this Country in such a matter as a WAR we expect our Representatives to show to the World Press that the People they represent have a right to see that Justice is Done and the culprits are tried at the Bar of the House.


Maybe the only bar many of them are aware of is the wet kind where many of them celebrated their squalid and sickening so-called victory, while others who had decided to be non-partisan must have been appalled by their colleagues behaviour.


While the families of the victims of this unjust war were still asking for TRUE answers as to why their sons and daughters lives were sacrificed? -And for a most sincere apology.


The American system of Government has shown itself more accountable by bringing their Security Services to book by sacking the Head of the CIA. Whereas in our so-called Democracy the main culprit previously from MI5 then Head of JIC has been rewarded by his appointment to MI6. What it had to do with Lord Butler to recommend this man who was tainted by his report, to that appointment will be a mystery, which will baffle future researchers. He most certainly pleased his old friend Tony- so that’s all right then! .


What the Butler Report has revealed has shown the workings of an inner Dictatorship which came into being on the first day of the Reign of Tony the First and was helped on his way by the same Lord Butler who over seven years later saw the consequences of his undemocratic and reckless action in signing the ‘Orders in Council’ in 1997 which finally has led to his old pal signing the New European Constitution against the wishes of the millions of People and taking the Country to War on a Lie.