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SARTRE – October 10, 2010



Whatever your opinion of the Tea Party movement, all should agree the mainstream media’s characterization is less than objective. Descriptions are all over the map. Claims of dark motivations behind the phenomenon or criticism of strategy and tactics stream endlessly from the establishment pundits. The constant assault from vested interests is the current method of maintaining political control. They fear any authentic grass roots endeavor, to dump the political trash, from the cesspool of chummy cronyism. Alas, a controversy that the common man and woman can partake, with a sense of making a difference.

Citizen participation in the shaping of public policy is heresy to the gatekeepers of the elitist fiefdom. But how effective can the proponents of the Tea Party marvel expect their efforts to alter the institutional sacred cows of a dysfunctional regime that manipulates all levels of American government? The answer to that question requires an understanding and grounding in political realities. Knowing the difference between what is possible and what is merely a nice touchy and feely dream is the challenge.

Raw power politics is not for the faint of heart. Without a solid and pragmatic philosophy for the practical goals of a movement, all that will survive at the end of the day is greater frustration and despair. In the Inherent Autonomy essay, Party Goers - What Do You Take With Your Tea?, concludes, "The Tea Party is a revolt from elitism. Liberty is the ultimate cherished personal goal that is a core reason for the founding of America".

In order to wage a war against entrenched leeches, a consistent doctrine of purpose is imperative. The undisputed strength of the Tea Party movement is that it is a spontaneous and widespread interrelated influence. Naturally, political parties desire to infiltrate citizen groups. It is no surprise that the GOP is often seen as managing the message for their own benefit. Hijacking the cause is a real danger. It is happening on several strata’s of organization. The best way to defend against internal sabotage or external scorn and defend the ideals of the Tea Party spirit is to conceive a basic consensus on core principles.

It is imperative to keep it simple. The focus must never waiver from the tax abuse theme. T. E A. = Taxed Enough Already rings true. Everyone is sinking in the same boat of induced poverty. Everybody should seek relief from this mutual pain. Yet those who benefit from the social welfare system of government theft resist a belated transformation. Accepting the "dole" is the value ethic of government defenders. That is why the ranks of public employee unions repel from the Tea Party threat to their ill-gotten gains.

The fact that the federal government does not rely upon collecting taxes to pay for their excessive empire is evident with the souring deficits, financed by foreign largesse. A disconnect of this magnitude, fuels the common sense outrage of Tea Party advocates.

The return to honest money underpins all other issues. The financial markets are talking loud and clear as gold hits another high as priced in Federal Reserve notes. Yet, one does not live by bread alone. The 10 Principles of Belief present a general outline of basic themes that propel the Tea Party movement. Their counterpart the 10 Practices to Oppose identifies the broad vision of government excess.


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Principles of Belief

Practices to Oppose

Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the original intent of the US Constitution
Judicial arbitrary activism, Legislative arrogance, Executive unaccountability
Reducing the size and limiting the scope of the Federal and State governments
Continuous expansion of government and micromanagement bureaucracy
Protecting state's sovereignty as ensured by the 9th and 10th Amendment
Federal supremacy fallacy, uncontrollable general welfare and commerce clauses
Reduce the deficit, balance the budget and a restore Constitutional sound money
Unchecked and unnecessary spending, borrowing and debasement of the currency
Replace the burdensome and unfair US tax laws that destroy the middle class
Capricious tax obligations, “special interest” exemptions and burdensome reporting
Defense of a Free Market System that encourages economic wealth creation
Corporate/State economy, outsourcing globalism, NAFTA GATT, Wall Street monopoly 
Protecting and preserving traditional 2nd Amendment rights
Restrictions on means of personal self-protection, federal control of state Militia
Institution of Term Limits as a means to address political corruption and accountability
Permanent incumbent culture, dominance by two party, corporate candidate donations
Restoration of a society that reflect Jeffersonian respect for Western Civilization
Secular humanism, global treaty mandates, world currency, assault on time-honored values
Natural Rights of citizens are eternal; arbitrary governments forfeit legitimacy 
Arrogance and criminal conduct of Central Government tyranny and Presidential Despotism

The Tea Party philosophy is indistinguishable from the outcries that inspired the American Revolution. Limit the dialogue to fundamental precepts by de-emphasizing social issues, race, ethnic differences and religion. Free Speech is the cornerstone of political discourse; but for conservative perspectives to be heard and evaluated, the message needs to attract and persuade a broad spectrum of the electorate. Tea Party substance deserves a clear proactive and discernable voice in the marketplace of ideas. K.I.S.S. wins the debate.

The universal threat to the Republic is from Totalitarian Collectivism. Many hard working and fatigued families are not equipped to research and compare political ideological philosophies, much less develop an original school of thought. Our Founding Fathers were not perfect, but compared to the entrenched political class of today, they were inspirational heroes...


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