Simon Richards, director of The Freedom Association, said he was also being assisted by leading activists from Australia and Italy.

"Lots of people feel left out by politics at the moment," Mr Richards said. "It's not just taxes – they feel overwhelmed by the sheer scale of government."

Mr Richards said he hoped David Davis, the former shadow home secretary, would speak at the Tory conference event.

The backing of Mr Davis, who was beaten to the party leadership by David Cameron in 2005, would sharpen opposition to the Coalition's plans from the Tory Right. Mr Davis last night said he may not have time to take part.

[We suggest that Mr Richards looks more closely at the man in the white suit before he presses his offer more vigourously.



We have had the Freedom Association with its many notables in its list of executive members and change of leadership and as UKIP with its hot and cold campaigning and unable to get a REAL LEADER with GRIT! and ACTION! as TALK! and BALLOONS! and LETTERS! have made their campaigns a LAUGHING STOCK as to wonder which side they are ON?   Of course THEY ARE NOT ALONE! there are many OTHERS who have ALL FAILED! because they were unable to UNITE under an UMBRELLA organisation such as OUT OF EUROPE as exampled by the unity of the TRADE UNION MOVEMENT at the end of the 19th and early 20th century which brought its first member in the House of Commons. 

ONLY by taking the matter SERIOUSLY as one would take a WAR because


will any organisation be able to



This month of September, 2010 we celebrate the VICTORY OF THE "FEW"

It was 70 years ago in September,1940 and a few years later in 1943 the

 Nazi Geopolitical Centre in Madrid

,Spain when the Nazis realised that they would lose the war that they planned a NEW WORLD ORDER which would bring Europe under their CONTROL.   They have succeeded in their ILLUMINATI PLAN  with the so-called United States of Europe as the first step to a WORLD GOVERNMENT of a satanic ,Sovetised collectivist Elite with a greatly reduced population which is to be achieved by various means-Vaccines-polluted water supplies, toxic medicines, food shortages and not forgetting MORE! WARS! and interfering with the Earth's stability and climate and many other dangerous activities to achieve THEIR PLAN!

Across the Pool we see the PEOPLE of MEXICO-USA-CANADA now being forced into another UNION calling itself NAU - North American Union which will be the second block of nations entrapped in the satanic brotherhood of the plans of the infamous ILLUMINATI BANKSTERS.  That is WHY! the American People are fighting back under their TEA PARTY label a reminder of what happened in Boston Harbour in Massachusetts Bay those many years ago in 1773 when a party of fifty men disguised as Indians, led by a future President Sam Adams himself boarded the ships, burst open 343 chests of tea and emptied them into the harbour.

It was two great Englishmen parliamentarians Edmund Burke [though born in Dublin he considered himself an Englishman] and Chatham[ William Pitt, 1st Earl of in May 1774, he appeared in Parliament "to stand for England and America" In Jan., 1775, he moved an address to the king, praying him to adopt a conciliatory policy towards America by removing forces from Boston, and he followed a plan for the prevention of the civil war.] who pleaded the cause of their fellow citizens in their fight for justice. Organisations called Sons of Liberty sprang into existence to maintain a popular opposition to parliamentary opposition.  In our day we have the innocuous term UKIP  which beggars belief because at a time when we have Scotland with it's own parliament and Wales with it's Assembly to be followed by it's parliament it would have been wiser to have used an all embracing term such as  mentioned above.

We ask what did you do before your elected


 in the main political parties in westminster  sold YOUR FREEDOM-CONSTITUTION and COUNTRY to FOREIGN POWERS?



The proof they say is in the pudding AND WHAT A MESS IT HAS TURNED OUT TO BE!

Remember! on the 1st January 2010 we became a REGION in the so-called UNITED STATES OF EUROPE which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the so-called EUROSCEPTIC factions LOST the BATTLE because they would






Platform 10 " Blog Archive " A British Tea Party' Movement Is



From what we can see about the whole event in September 2010 it has turned out to be a non-event. Surely the main reason for the  BRITISH TEA PARTY was to fight for the return of our once FREE INDEPENDENT NATION STATE. To think that any of the main political parties in Westminster led by Bilderbergers the servants of the ILLUMINATI would pay the least attention to such a vague agenda has been proved by the result of the Election which gave the Conservative Party a pitiful majority which needed to help of the LIBDEMS in order to form a stable GOVERNMENT.

They started with a good idea and have diminished its future effects because they have failed to identify the real issue which must come FIRST! a FREE INDEPENDENT NATION STATE! They have wasted a wonderful opportunity by their premature action and have done great harm to its effectiveness in the future.

 They had taken up a renowned-revered and reveranced Flag of Liberty and have dishonoured it for partisan reasons  by their hasty premature action for immediate expected party advantage and they have compounded their grievous fault by not keeping the Flag of Liberty flying on the Battlefield of the recovery of those 'Rights and Liberties of Englishmen 'which our cousins in New England those centuries ago fought for as their RIGHT! by BIRTHRIGHT! which so many people today are waiting for a LEADER who will take up that FLAG of LIBERTY and not lower it until VICTORY IS WON!





Unless you take the trouble to understand what the financial centre in the City of London is all about and its only concern


And as you will read in the Daily Mail article of Wednesday 22nd of September,2010 having such a so-called sort-after  financial institution in our back yard would be of


We and our ancestors have all been fooled since the Bank of England was privatised in 1695 which gave the International Banksters the funds to pursue their satanic agenda of a NEW WORD ORDER a phrase so popular with their departed servant and our traitorous mountebank Gordon Brown  a BILDERBERGER  (As many are who lead the main political parties at Westminster) who  as such advocated World Government which the ILLUMINATI have almost completed through their Central Banks around the world.  Their latest acquisitions of Central Banks in Iraq and Afghanistan and having Iran in their sights for conversion in the near future..  And YOU! have and ARE STILL! still paying a HIGH PREMIUM in order that they achieve their aims within the next few years.



Those who own the CENTRAL BANKS own most of the richest  banks in the world


'Never have so many been denied so much   cheap money by a mainly Zionist Crew''




Sorry, but I agree with most of what Mr Cable says. Pity about the posturing by Stephen Glover of the Daily Mail-September 23,2010

An excellent article as  have others recently from the same source that deal with this very foreboding  and no doubt still as regards depth of  revelation a forbidden subject.The real culprits are never mentioned.   The only way to extract our way out of the FINANCIAL quagmire is to return the present privately owned Bank of England to the people  which would be possibly prohibitive unless the facts were given to the people in a referendum asking them to invest in their own bank rather than have it  owned by International Banksters who have and still  DO! bleed the people DRY!.  The people are already paying a huge premium so they would surely prefer to pay that high premium to have a truly


Of course the difficulty would be that we have BILDERBERGERS in the main parties in Westminster who are hardly likely to turn on their masters.  In view of his public statements it is possible that Mr Cable is not a covert member as his speech showed the grave problems that were before us but was unable to suggest little or nothing to solve them because his ministerial colleagues would naturally VETO any attempt TO DO SO!  WE warned everyone before the General Election not to vote for the Bilderbergers because they were servants of the ILLUMINATI who were for GLOBALISATION and not FREE INDEPENDENT NATION STATES and that is WHY! the jobs are going overseas because they make a great deal more PROFIT! and we have almost lost our industrial base and other high technology companies will no doubt follow.   In Germany and France and other countries in the EU they are more PROTECTIVE of their INDUSTRIY and COMMERCE.     In the HOME of the BANKSTERS STRONGHOLD and WORLD CENTRE of the ILLUMINATI there is no such attraction and are willing that  THIS COUNTRY will become a wasteland with the majority out of work- on reduced benefits and as GLOBALISATION makes clear many of those in developing countries will work hard  for long hours for a mere pittance.  SO WE ALL LOSE!  except the BANKSTERS who  worship their idol PROFIT! with no thought for MORAL judgments or SOCIAL responsibility because these matters are not in line with their NEW WORLD ORDER and WORLD GOVERNMENT.

 We noticed  last night that Jon Snow on Channel4 was very glib about the term NEW WORLD ORDER  a term so often quoted by our late departed traitorous mountebank prime minister Gordon Brown but when it finally does take place if in his lifetime there will be BILLIONS of PEOPLE who will be declared superfluous to requirements and who will be laughing THEN?

INTERNATIONAL BANKERS VS NATION STATES - Find out! - How Germany between 1935-45 financed their economy without being bled by the ZIONIST BANKSTERS


IT TOOK THE ENTIRE capitalist and communist world to destroy the German revolution against internationalism and bring the entire European continent back under the heel of Jewish Bankers






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