What gives Mankind a stake in the future of the Universe?  It is it's special human ability to attain an unlimited knowledge of the world about them and of the universe beyond.

 BUT there are many beings on our planet  who for many reasons are unable to use the very unique powers of reasoning which are part of their inheritance. They unfortunately will not be  able to push forward the boundaries of the knowledge which is vital for the survival of our species.

With the advent of the INTERNET the maxim KNOWLEDGE is POWER is an instance where MANKIND are able to advance their knowledge to unexpected levels which can achieve GOOD or EVIL.

Out beyond our own EARTH there must be others many of a different species and culture. possibly some of these are possibly well in advance of our own knowledge and technology and consider our species a doomed people.

It is said that there have been and still are within our own planet for thousands of years a Reptilian species from another world who are already in control of our world through their own species being able to take on human form. We are newcomers to this knowledge but believe that NOTHING should be DISREGARDED until the TRUTH be KNOWN.   And the purpose of this article is to DO JUST THAT!

Many people in the Western World are now aware that GOVERNMENTS are under the CONTROL of these REPTILIANS - particularly in the USA and possibly BRITAIN and elsewhere.

Fortunately, for us ,we have much assistance from our past in the form of the BIBLE and KORAN which clearly outlines the existence of such a REPTILIAN race  and their evil purpose.  As we have already stated we have only recently become aware of this information and with an OPEN MIND we have decided to investigate further as to the THREAT to our SPECIES, and the need to bring such information into the OPEN in order that the millions of minds which have been almost destroyed over the past generations by the actions of their OWN GOVERNMENTS can be SAVED in TIME before they are ALL turned into MUSH.

IT is well said KNOWLEDGE is POWER and people all over the world are now deciding to use that POWER to PROTECT their SPECIES before it is TOO LATE! to do ANYTHING.

There are on the INTERNET a growing number of VIDEOS which are able to answer many questions which are in YOUR MIND. But first you must take the first step an OPEN MIND and not adopt the attitude which many have taken -


MORE is expected from the HUMAN RACE which can either DECIDE its OWN FUTURE or OTHERS not so kind WILL DO IT FOR US?








AUGUST 30-2009