We have asked this question many times over the past two decades and it is obvious that the so-called Conservative party have tolerated their eurosceptics because it enabled  them to keep their party in power. In the forthcoming European Election on June4-2009 the eurosceptic 'Conservative' prospective MEPs will again support their party rather form their own 'Real' conservative party.  It has been so for over 36 years.

With only almost a year until the  June General Election of 2010 the same tactic will again show itself in the so-called Conservative party.  Many of the eurosceptic MPs would have had sufficient talent to have formed their own Real conservative party and they would have been sure of the  many of the 2,600,000 who voted for UKIP and would have brought a greater number from those who at present DO NOT VOTE  AT ALL  the millions who have withdrawn from the political arena because in their eyes  the political parties 'THEY ARE ALL THE SAME'.   As figures for those voting a Government into power demonstrate such a low percentage vote there are millions of voters who might rejoin the political debate if they had a REAL conservative party with controlled immigration for the benefit of past newcomers and the indigenous population, conservative values of thrift and small government  and patriotism to vote for.   We mentioned this matter years ago but it has been ignored.

We have brought up the subject because as we have previously stated there was and there is still a need for a conservative minded  party which could receive the majority of  the eurosceptic votes.  Obviously it is now almost too late in the day because should the TREATY OF TREASON be ratified by ALL member states later this year then you can forget your once PARLIAMENT in WESTMINSTER and the present political parties will disappear to be replaced by other political parties which are acceptable to the EU REGIONS some of which in the South of England will have their HQ in other Continental countries.

Under the programme, known as INTER-REG, counties along England's south coast form the "Manche Region" along with northern France.

Divide and rule: How the South-East has been paired up with regions across the Channel

The "Atlantic Region" takes in western England, along with Ireland, Wales and parts of Portugal, Spain, France and Scotland.

Meanwhile eastern England is part of the "North Sea Region", which covers areas of Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Norway and the Netherlands.

The UK Government is fully behind the project, even though the words "England" and "Britain" are left off official maps of each area and the Manche Region renames the English Channel "The Channel Sea".

Each region, which will be given taxpayers' money to promote trade links, cultural ties, transport policies and tourism, is to be run by a "managing authority" of unelected officials overseen by a director.

None will be based in the UK, with Manche ruled by the French, Atlantic by the Portuguese and North Sea by the Danes.

The regions have legal status and Manche has a budget of 261million between 2007 and 2013, Atlantic 127million and North Sea 219million.

Every project funded by a region must have a publicity campaign which ensures "there is provision for flying the EU flag at least one week every year".

Eric Pickles, the Conservatives' communities spokesman, said: "We already knew that Gordon Brown had hoisted the white flag of surrender to the European Constitution.

[What nonsense the Conservative spokesman speaks when their party has been flying the white flag of surrender to the EU for over 36 years.


Should the Lisbon Treaty not be ratified then the eurosceptic MPs and  members of the  Conservative party have a last chance to form a Real conservative Party which would  appeal to millions who DO NOT VOTE and many voters in the other parties at WESTMINSTER.

Of course, as you are no doubt aware we would have preferred an umbrella organisation such as a Eurosceptic Movement comprising of the 36 parties/organisations whereby ALL eurosceptic votes go into what we term one pot and not as now into a number which dissipates the overall vote possible to achieve success we all need to stop the EU in its tracks and save billions which can be spent in our own country as we enter a possibly severe recession.