French demonstrators have shown more interest in the plight of two jailed UK fishermen than Britain's mainstream political parties.

[Well! they would being EU fanatics and there is an EU election in June-2009-Didn't you know?]

The French fishermen were outraged to hear that fellow fishermen in Northern Island had been locked up as master criminals instead of them infringing the idiotic fishing laws of the EU. The matter was dealt with by Christopher Booker in the Sunday Telegraph  who mentioned that there was little or no mention of this outrage in the Press and Media he also pointed out that the 395,000 fine vastly exceeded the value of the fish they had wrongly declared. It also ruled that all their assets should be frozen as proceeds of crime -which they were not having been purchased before the crimes had been committed.

The French protesters told their Press:

" This is frightening. We are shocked at the British Court's decisions to jail the two fishermen, treating them worse  than drug dealers, and ALL for COD."

[Well! this is a classic case of how easy it is for Government QUANGOS to use laws brought in for most serious crime can be used to treat the misdemeanour as a case of serious drug trafficking instead of an infringement of idiot EU Fisheries Policy.  We have all seen what happened when the Government used the Terrorism Act in order to deny free speech at the Cenotaph and numerous other cases since.  The more legislation that New Labour have introduced for a particular purpose is automatically used to cover other matters for which the legislation was never intended. Regrettably we have few honourable members of Parliament who are prepared to bring the Government to account for their disingenuous behaviour in such matters.   Few have not heard of the expression 'a sledgehammer to crack a nut' and in the first place it was not their case as there was no serious crime involved when considered in the light of their stated objectives for which the QUANGOS was introduced. They were critised not so long ago for their inaction in the matter of combating serious organised crime so it must be they STILL have time on their hands to ruthlessly pursue two fishermen who infringed the idiotic laws of the EU FISHING POLICY.     We hope that SOCA has found more fruitful activity in the areas it was brought into existence to protect our country from SERIOUS ORGANISED CRIME .   ]



We obtained this information from

Eurofacts journal of 1st May,2009