[It is only when one makes the time to question something that one once realised as possibly indestructible that something they naively thought as impregnable to its own destruction was indeed teetering on the brink of disaster.]

It is said that the capacity of a people to preserve their democratic and libertarian heritage is tested by their ability and willingness to correct dangerous tendencies before they have achieved a complete overthrow of the foundations of their cherished institutions and re-established the tyranny which required their ancestors hundreds of years to destroy.  Woodrow Wilson the 28th President of the US (1913-21) spoke of this as follows:

Few of us are ready to suggest a remedy for the evils all deplore. We hope that our system is self-adjusting, and will not need our corrective interference. This is a vain hope.  It is no small part of wisdom to know how long an evil ought to be tolerated, to see when the time has come for the people, from whom springs all authority, to speak its doom or prescribe its remedy.  If that time be allowed to slip unrecognised, our dangers may overwhelm us, our political maladies may prove incurable.

[For the bold italics we refer you to the Professor of Government  C. Perry Patterson of the University of North Carolina-1947. Much of which follows below is from his Presidential Government in the United States. Our contribution in square brackets.]

[In the year 2008 we in England have seen the destruction of a unique nation state and parliamentary democracy of over 1500 years in the making and we have seen barely a murmur raised while this traitorous act by the Monarch contrary to HER CORONATION OATH and the traitorous actions of the majority of the members of Parliament took place. The legislation to protect them from their traitorous action was hidden in a Bill in 1998.

We were in the recent past looking across the sea for hope of support from another land which had once learned the lesson of liberty by opposing the tyranny of a king of England and placed their future safety they believed in a written constitution to protect their accustomed 'Rights and Liberties of Englishmen' and maintain the English common law. But their response to the volume of bureaucratic executive legislation was to be its downfall as the future years have shown. The Congress and Constitution became irrelevant as the POWER of the PRESIDENCY is now that of a despotic TYRANT.  Recently we have shown on our web-site a battle for liberty by another Texan -Senator Ron Paul who is now fighting back with millions of other Us citizens to RECLAIM THEIR CONSTITUTION.]

Unfortunately for the American people their war-time President Franklin D Roosevelt [1933-1944] had over the previous decades  had pushed the  Congress and Constitution aside to become the virtual dictator of the USA. The growing menace of ADMINISTRATIVE bodies multiplied.  From March 4, 1901, to march 4, 1929, it has been estimated that 492 [QUANGOS] independent administrative and legislative agents were established. This movement became such a menace to democratic government that Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt in a radio address on March 2,1930, said"... if we do not halt this steady process of building commissions and regulatory  bodies and special legislation like inverted pyramids over every one of the simple constitutional provisions, we shall soon be spending billions pf dollars more."  When he became President he became the greatest victim of this tendency,, and from 1932 to 1941 he almost doubled the administrative machinery of the nation, including many boards and commissions, three new executive departments, and six assistants to the President to help him supervise the bureaucracy.

The volume of legislation of the bureaucracy has become enormous. This development has resulted also from simple beginnings. Lincoln issued two executive orders during five years of war. grant thirteen and McKinley  fifty.  Then the tremendous volume of executive legislation became the order of the day. Theodore Roosevelt in little more than seven years issued 1,011, Taft in four years 699, and Wilson in eight years issued 1,770. The eight years of Harding and Coolidge produced 1,732, four years of Hoover 1,004 and the fifteen months of his administration he issued 674 orders requiring 1400 pages for its publication. This within itself constitutes a sizeable code of FEDERAL REGULATION.

Mr Patterson further stated that :   We are inclined to think of the Englishman as the teacher of mankind in this great experiment of democratic government.  His conservatism is generally given the credit for this great achievement. It is said that he waits for change to work its way by natural forces in an imperceptible manner.  His philosophy, according to this theory, might be said to be: If change is not necessary, then it is necessary not to change, but if change is necessary ,then it is necessary not to change more than necessity.

[Well! this might have been so at one time but our experience is that over the past 37 years the inappropriately named Conservative party in England has ignored its conservative past and has signed every EU TREATY which has been placed before them even when their signatories have admitted that they have not even read the TREATY OF TREASON.  At the next EU ELECTIONS in JUNE 2009 the Conservative party and the other members of the traitorous GANG of THREE in PARLIAMENT will be after YOUR VOTE.  They are traitors ALL who have sold YOUR COUNTRY to a FOREIGN POWER and they now expect YOU  to VOTE FOR THEM.   DON'T DO IT! because under the NEW TREATY their parties will not exist for much longer because the NEW SYSTEM will be REGIONAL. The details of this arrangement are clear for all to see if one takes the trouble to read the TREATY.  And just to remind you that your many proven thieving MPs who could be put out to grass in the next General Election can look forward to even greater rewards when they take over their new EU REGIONAL dedicated rest homes at greater taxpayer's expense should the totalitarian LISBON TREATY finally be RATIFIED.]






Mr Patterson further states :   This theory is completely discredited by the methodology that the English have used to achieve liberty for themselves and for a large part of the rest of mankind.  Have they waited for their "system to be self-adjusted?"  If they had, King John would never have signed Magna Carta in 1215 at Runnymede.  There would never have been a Petition of Rights in 1628, a Civil war between King and Parliament for English liberty, a Bill of Rights in 1689, an Act of Settlement in 1701 guaranteeing parliamentary supremacy and an independent judiciary,  numerous Reform Bills, the Bill of 1911 establishing the supremacy of the House of Commons in budgetary matters.  Cabinet government was not an accidental discovery nor was the British Commonwealth of nations.  The Oxford youth of the recent war years [1939-1946] would have no mission to perform if the Englishman throughout his history had left the destiny of himself and his institutions to BLIND CHANCE.

[Well! over half a century later in the early years of the 21st century we have witnessed something quite extraordinary as we cannot now relate the description above to the greater number of Englishmen who have shown such a  lukewarm attitude to defending their hard fought for liberties and nationhood. Even matters of an important local nature are barely supported even when the matter is a matter of Life or Death. In the main, the majority of Englishmen are a changed people with in the main a lacklustre response to the grave threat to their LIBERTY and COUNTRY and they are now paying for it.  Unless there is a miraculous revival over the next few months the territorial integrity of England will no longer exist and as stated over 160 years ago by a great patriot Henry, Lord Brougham:     

...It shows that this country [England] alone of the European States has  in all ages possessed the great benefit of a legislature distinct from the Executive Government, the Sovereign of England never having at any period had the power of making general laws.  but it is likewise shows more clearly that this or any other institution can give little security to the liberties of the people,-  little obstruction to the maladministration of PUBLIC AFFAIRS.   The lesson taught by the history of our CONSTITUTION in all ages, is that UNLESS the PEOPLE continue WATCHFUL over THEIR RIGHTS and THEIR OWN INTERESTS, the best constructed system of polity can afford them no shelter from oppression, no safeguard against the mismanagement of their concerns.  It may be very wrong to say that forms of Government are of no importance, and that the best system is the one best administered.  But  it is assuredly a truth to which all History bears testimony, that the chief advantage of FREE INSTITUTIONS is their enabling men to obtain a wise and an honest administration of their affairs; that the frame of Government approaches to perfection in proportion as it helps those who live under  it to WATCH the CONDUCT of THEIR RULERS, aiding them when RIGHT, checking them when they are WRONG; and , above all, that NO CONSTITUTION, however excellent, can supersede the NECESSITY or dispense with the DUTY of this CONSTANT VIGILANCE. (our capitals)

[His words of warning are for all free people everywhere and the virtual destruction of liberty of the English people together with those peoples across the sea on the shores of New England and beyond who's ancestors had  had at least the experience of a previous tyrant English monarch to warn them of how devious they could be and as a consequence they based their Constitution on the separate powers as evidenced in the final Declaration of Independence.  It was an Englishman the philosopher John Locke  who maintained that the supreme function of the State is to protect life, liberty, and property, to which every man is entitled. political authority, he said, is held in trust for the benefit of the people alone.  When the natural rights of mankind are violated , the people have the right and duty of abolishing the government. This doctrine is written into the preamble to the  American Declaration of Independence.]

Mr Patterson  continues: 

Our own forefathers had to seize the initiative in 1776 and again in 1787.  We have been noted for our alertness and our sacrifice for the protection of the right of self-government for ourselves and the extension of this protection to the Western hemisphere by the Monroe Doctrine.  We have fought for the freedom of other peoples throughout the world, and recently [Second World War] we have sacrificed for this same cause, hoping to see to it that democracy shall not perish from the earth and that man shall not be sacrificed on the bloody alter of a totalitarian state. In this great mission, however, we must not neglect our own household.

[The American people are now fighting back to reclaim their CONSTITUTION from the hands of a PRESIDENT who has the complete power of a totalitarian dictator.  He will not give up that power because there is now behind the presidency a sinister New World Order who are the real rulers of the American people.  They go by the name of the Bilderbergers who have met every year since 1952 when they were formed by Prince Bernard of the Netherlands. The initial meeting took place in the Bilderberger Hotel-hence its name. No statement is ever made and there is total secrecy as to the their  agenda.  They look on President Barrack Obama as a suitable tool in order to cover their real intention of WORLD GOVERNMENT which they have almost in their grasp. They have in place concentration camps and special forces FEMA which are not answerable to the President but to another supreme authority which even the President cannot control.  This has been the price that the American people have paid for their blindness to the real scenario taking place before their eyes.  Senator Ron Paul -Republican of Texas is their only hope to retrieve THEIR CONSTITUTION and bring EVERYONE back under the CONTROL of that memorable CONSTITUTION.   Such is the support for the Senator from Texas that in one day he received party donations which outstripped those of his rivals. He has brought hope to people from all sections of the communities across the racial spectrum and of all ages.  He is becoming the most popular guest on TV and his speeches are a draw where ever he speaks.

What is not known generally is that the Federal Reserve violates the US CONSTITUTION

Excepts of Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) from the documentary "FIAT EMPIRE - Why the Federal Reserve Violates the U.S. Constitution." Dr. Paul discusses the origins, operations and results of the Federal Reserve System and fiat currency on the U.S. and global economy. The entire film, Fiat Empire, can be accessed at or directly at Google Video at Telly Award-winning documentary on the Federal Reserve System was inspired by the well-known book, "The Creature From Jekyll Island" by G. Edward Griffin, and features presidential candidate, RON PAUL. To order a high-quality DVD or VHS tape (by mail) with up to 160-minutes of additional interviews, go to To get instant downloads in a range of qualities, go to and select from the "Documentaries" menu. Find out why some feel the Federal Reserve System is a "bunch of organized crooks" and others feel its practices "are in violation of the U.S. Constitution." Discover why experts agree the Fed is a banking cartel that benefits mainly bankers, their clients in need of easy money and a Congress that would rather increase the National Debt than raise taxes. Produced by William L. Van Alen, Jr., the 1-hour documentary is a co-production between Matrix Productions and Cornerstone Entertainment and features interviews by, not only G. Edward Griffin, but Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas); MOVIE GUIDE Founder, Ted Behr; and constitutional attorney, Edwin Vieira (4 degrees from Harvard). FIAT EMPIRE was written and directed by James Jaeger and narrated by Kris Chandler. Associate producers are Ted Pollard, author and former Commissioner of Radnor Township and James E. Ewart, well-known author of MONEY. Use a DVD for personal screenings and a VHS tape for free public and private screenings. For more information on FIAT EMPIRE visit or the mirror site at For various political, economic, sociological, media-related and philosophical essays by James Jaeger and others, visit UNIVERSAL ISSUES at new films and updates on Matrix Entertainment's activities, visit

 [In England the importance of the parliamentary  'purse' has been real symbol of constitutional  importance of the actual independence of that country. Over the past 37 years we have not only lost our liberties and nationhood but we have paid dearly in giving over £385 billion to the EU which could have been used to build hospitals, schools, repair roads and a great many other needed improvements in our once free country.  

With now over 80% of legislation emanating from the EU -the German Finance Minister proudly said it was 82% in Germany the greater part of the cost on the 'purse' has been spent on applying EU legislation which is growing by the day.  It never stops churning out its intrusive and regulatory dictates for even a moment.   Since we were conned into the EU in 1973 by the arch traitor Edward Heath who was later revealed as a Nazi traitor for over 60 years  and who shortly before his death he admitted that he had lied in order to achieve his deceitful objective to enslave the people in a known future federal union with the consequent  loss of their sovereignty.

Our Central Bank like so many others in other countries in the western World which charges interest on Government borrowing when if the bank had been a truly National Bank no interest to the Government of the Day would need to be paid.  The capital would be repaid at the agreed date.  Under the present arrangement the more the Government  borrows the more interest is paid and as the debt is not fully repaid further interest is added and it accumulates to outrageous levels.  In fact the likelihood that the debt will ever be paid is even more unlikely if ever possible. The real gainers are the rich backers of the bank who as we have all seen cannot lose as there is always the taxpayer to bail them out should they cause a run on a bank, which is their favourite tactic to induce a damaging recession which will bring them even greater profits.

The Federal Reserve Bank of America was introduced in 1913 it was an arrangement between the Government and the large banking corporations - some would call it a cartel. It was the same year that Income Tax Bill was raised when in the past there had been no need for this tax for over 130 years. The savings by Americans into their local banks had encouraged their growth and ability to increase their loans to their customers. It was President Wilson who passed the Bill but shortly after he greatly regretted his action when it finally dawned on him the consequences for the Constitution. The invasion of Iraq has enabled a Central Bank to be installed as has been the case for Afghanistan. Who says that illegal war in the one case does not pay or that throwing billions of dollars on holding an insignificant amount of territory in the other has not its advantages. ]









Professor Patterson in 1947  states:  Some may be inclined to think of this proposal as involving a very radical change. It is not revolutionary but restorative in character.  It involves NO constitutional changes or Statutory enactment.  IT , in no respect, is comparable to the revolution resulting in changing from the Caucus to the convention system of nominating candidates for the Presidency.

It is not revolutionary as the adoption of the Amendment providing for the popular election of United States senators.  It really involves only a change in legislature procedure, which can be made by a resolution of the Congress.   In this respect, its revolutionary character is restricted to a modification of the Committee System of the Congress.  The Committee System would have  to be subordinated to the initiative of the Cabinet in Government measures.   This is necessary to unify legislative policy and to fix RESPONSIBILITY. 

Several interesting and suggestive proposals have been made for unifying and making more responsible the legislative and administrative processes of the government, most of which call for radical changes involving the Amendment of the Constitution.  It is my conviction that the American people are satisfied with the forms of our government system.  I do not believe that an amendment proposing  to change the line of federalism or to modify the doctrine of the separation of powers or to restrict the scope of judicial review would ever be ratified.  We have slipped into the rut of history preferring form to substance.  the average American does not understand how the government works, and it is too complex to be explained to him from the stump.  he knows, however, that he wants a President, a Congress of two Houses, and a Supreme Court.

It would be just about as easy to explain the fourth dimension to him as to tell him what the CONSTITUTION is today [1947]

For more than 150 years the Supreme Court has been trying to discover


and according to its own records


The fact is that it seems to have recognised this failure and has decided to place the responsibility primarily in the hands of Congress.  About a hundred able and patriotic Americans have sat on the bench of the Supreme Court. 



It is believed, therefore, that whatever devices or procedures that may be useful in future adapting our system to a more practical, less complex, and a more responsible scheme of control must be found within the limits of the Constitution. 


It is submitted that congressional procedure is the most antiquated phase of the national government and is primarily responsible for the failure of the Congress to maintain the position assigned to it by




"Our Government is practically carried on by irresponsible committees." - Woodrow Wilson.


"Debate is the essential function of a popular representative body." -Woodrow Wilson


"No leaders, no principles, No principles no parties."

Woodrow Wilson


[From an outsider point of view it was the introduction of the wealthy world bankers into a share of a Federal Reserve Bank which made it possible for the American people to be taken along a road of the banker's choice of world power  instead of the  main objective of a people's America where the people decide their future in their hard fought for Constitution for all FREE PEOPLES.  In England we too were deceived by our own so-called representatives of the people the majority of whom have over 37 years have virtually destroyed the world's most unique parliamentary democracy of over 1500 years in the making. Soon even our English common law will be replaced by the Continental system of Corpus Juris which was shown to be inferior to the English system in the 15th century by the Lord Chancellor of England and Chief justice of the Kings bench Sir John Fortescue of who's tomb effigy is in Ebrington Church, Gloucestershire.    As in America it was by stealth -deceit and lies that the people were betrayed by those who had the responsibility to defend our Rights and Liberties and way of Government which has been an example to the many emerging nation states over the last two centuries. There is need of another Revolution of the people to defend their institutions from the destroyers who have in their minds only two objectives WEALTH and POWER and they have almost succeeded in their plans of a NEW WORLD ORDER and eventually a one only permitted thought image of a WORLD GOVERNMENT.



[The following information was taken from:

Civil War and the Illuminati



A strategic opportunity presented itself when deep social antagonisms began to threaten America's stability. The ILLUMINATI fanned the sparks knowing that they would reap a golden harvest if they could divide the North and the South ideologically and then prod both sides into a protracted and bloody civil war.

It is not to be doubted, I know with absolute certainty, that the separation of the United States into two federations of equal powers had been decided upon well in advance of the Civil War by the top financial power of Europe. -- OTTO VON BISMARCK, Chancellor, Germany.

The American Civil War, in a very real sense, was the continuation of the Revolutionary war fought by our Founders against the Bank of England. The Civil War was planned in London by Rothschild who wanted two American democracies, each burdened with debt. Four years before the war (1857) Rothschild decided his Paris bank would support the South, represented by Sen. John Slidell, JEW, from Louisiana; while the British branch would support the North, represented by August Belmont (Schoenberg) JEW, from New York. The plan was to bankroll, at usurious interest rates, the huge war debts that were anticipated, using that debt to extort both sides into accepting a Rothschild central-banking system similar to the one that had bled (and is bleeding) the nations of Europe, keeping them in conditions of perpetual war, insolvency and at the mercy of JEW speculators.

As in pre-Revolution France ILLUMINATI agitators, like maggots attacking a raw wound, were set to work in the North and the South at all levels of government and throughout society to exploit the divisive issues threatening the nation. The International Bankers were successful. All efforts for North-South peace failed.

Propaganda pushed the issue of slavery to the fore but the actual purpose behind the war...was to drive both sides to accept the same money system Rothschild had fastened on England and the bleed the vast productivity of the whole American People.
WILLIAM G. SIMPSON, Which Way Western Man.

The government should create, issue and circulate all currency and credit needed to satisfy the spending powers of the government and the buying power of the consumers.

Lincoln said he feared the International Bankers more than the Confederacy. He clearly saw the conspiracy developing around him, reaching into his very cabinet. In an effort to defang Rothschild he prevailed upon Congress to issue $150-million "Greenbacks" - interest- free currency backed by the U.S. Government (they have been circulating in the United States debt free ever since). However, International JEWRY refused to accept them. Both sides in the conflict desperately needed large amounts of money to carry on the war. Only Rothschild could provide that money - at usurious rates. BLOODMONEY.

The United States were sold to the Rothschilds in 1863. -- EZRA POUND, "Impact."

As a result of the war...the money power of this country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working on the prejudices of the people until the wealth is aggregated into the hands of a few and the Republic is destroyed. I feel more anxiety for the safety of my country than ever before, even in the midst of the war. -- PRESIDENT ABRAHAM LINCOLN.

624,511 soldiers died in the Civil War (1861-1865) 475,881 soldiers were wounded.

The figures remain incomplete because some records were not kept, and others were lost, especially during the early stages of the war. After the war, realizing the Union's real enemy was Rothschild, the President, emphasizing the Constitution, made it crystal clear to Congress that:

The privilege of creating and issuing money is... the supreme prerogative of government!

The U.S. Constitution gives only Congress the power to coin money and regulate the value thereof; the Supreme Court ruled that Congress may not abdicate that function. President Lincoln had thrown down the gauntlet. Under his administration a Rothschild central banking system would not be tolerated.

 Lincoln further infuriated JEWRY when he announced his intentions to colonize America's recently manumitted Negroes. JEWS wanted Negroes to remain in the United States as cheap labor (now that they didn't have to be cared for and supported), and also as a divisive racial element available for future revolutionary exploitation. Lincoln's intransigence sealed his fate. The impediment had to be removed. Persuasive evidence suggests that Lincoln's assassin, John Wilkes Booth (Botha), JEW, was hired for the hit by Judah Benjamin, JEW, Treasurer of the Confederacy. Benjamin was a close associate of Benjamin Disraeli, JEW (1804-1881), British Prime Minister. Disraeli, Benjamin and Booth had, together, conferred with the Rothschilds. When Booth escaped from Ford's Theater he fled "quite by chance" over the only road exiting Washington, D.C. not blocked by troops. Found among his possessions was a code book identical to one found in the possession of Benjamin; and another, its pages ripped out, among the possessions of U.S. Secretary of War, Stanton. After the murder Benjamin fled to London, welcomed by his tribe. Recently, Booth's relatives asked that his grave in Maryland be exhumed. They don't believe Booth is in it. But permission was denied by unnamed authorities.



While you are with us we have decided to list below much that many of you may not seen before which we hope you will send copies to as many people as possible because it is vital that the general public are able to judge themselves the veracity of the material'  ONLY OPENNESS can reveal either TRUTH or ERROR.

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