Senator Ron Paul a consistently lone voice in the Congress of the United States of America becoming known as Dr No in defending the Constitution from violations because of overbearing Presidents, wrote the following in his book

 THE REVOLUTION-The Manifesto.




He gives the example of taxi licensing restrictions, a government policy that disproportionately hurts blacks.  But since it is not thought as a racial issue per se, racial pressure groups do absolutely nothing to overturn it.  That's another reason we stop thinking in terms of RACE. Consider Sowell:


Politically, however, it makes far more sense for a black leader to fight tooth and nail for a hundred more CETA [Comprehensive Employment and Training Act] jobs in the Philadelphia GHETTO than to fight for an end to taxi licensing restrictions, even though the latter would probably mean thousand more jobs for blacks - jobs with far higher pay than CETA jobs and of permanent duration. GHETTO jobs are an earmarked BENEFIT, however few, tenuous and low paid.  Benefits to blacks as members of the general public are no feather in a black leader's cap, even if blacks are benefited more than others by gaining access that was nearly impossible for them before [emphasis added].


As I discussed in Chapter 5, the Federal war on drugs has wrought disproportionate harm on minority communities.  Allowing for State's rights here would surely be an improvement, for the States could certainly do a better and more sensible job than the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT has been doing if they were free to decide the issue for themselves.  And although people studying my record will discover how consistent I have been over the years I have dropped my support for the FEDERAL DEATH PENALTY.  It is a dangerous power for the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to have, and it is exercised in a discriminatory way, if you are POOR and BLACK, you are much more likely to receive this PUNISHMENT.

We should NOT think in terms of WHITES, BLACKS, HISPANICS and other groups.  That kind of thinking ONLY DIVIDES US.   The only us-versus-them thinking in which we might indulge is THE PEOPLE -ALL THE PEOPLE  - versus THE GOVERNMENT, which LOOTS and LIES to us ALL, THREATENS our LIBERTIES, and shreds OUR CONSTITUTION. THAT'S NOT A WHITE or BLACK issue.  That's an AMERICAN issue, and it's one on which Americans of all races can UNITE in a SPIRIT of GOODWILL.  That may be why the polls of 2007 found ours the most popular REPUBLICAN campaign among black voters.

[Can you now see that the problems in America are very similar to what we have experienced in ENGLAND since New Labour appeared on the horizon with their sweet promises which have turned our once stable society into a GHETTO mentality where each group grabs the spoils when ever it can. It reminds us of a quote referring to one going to litigation and how the complainant is like being in a position of being a fish being torn apart by two ferocious cats.  Of course the TAXPAYER in 'Yuman Rights' England as always foots the BILL.]



If our government were scrupulously faithful to the Constitution

we would not need to be especially concerned when a person who represents a philosophy different from our own takes political office.  Our Constitution delegates relatively few tasks to the Federal government, so it should almost be a matter of indifference who is elected.  We wouldn't have a worry that social policy of which we disapproved would be imposed on our neighbourhood at the whim of a new President and his Court appointees, or that more of our money WOULD BE STOLEN to FUND yet another GOVERNMENT boondoggle.   And we would also be spared the spectacle of countless American individuals and corporations frantically donating to candidates for political office during election years in order to reserve a place on the FEDERAL GRAVY TRAIN if their favourite should win.

I've often cautioned conservatives who are tempted to give MORE POWER to the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT in general or the EXECUTIVE branch in particular that those additional POWERS will be available whoever takes office next - and that person may not be to your liking.  I now find myself offering the same words of caution to liberals: whatever temptation you may have to exceed the POWERS granted under the CONSTITUTION, understand that they are opening a Pandora's box.

 [As has happened in England with Bush's close friend Tony Blair who is now very close to be lording it over Gordon Brown again should he become President of the satanic entity the United States of Europe. We wonder if Gordon would have been so keen to sign the TREATY OF TREASON if he had been convinced that his old antagonist would get the top job with its increased POWER and PRESTIGE and a PAYOLA opportunities which the PRESIDIUM office of PRESIDENT will offer.]







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