Well! with just a few week's notice give to our village on the edge of the South Warwickshire countryside we have been informed that they intend to decorate a tree standing on high ground with a magnificent view of the un-spoilt English landscape with a 40foot mobile phone mast, there being NO other monstrosity evident on the road encircling the unblemished village. They also state that it must be painted black and not green which would at least disguise the existence of its intrusive existence. Possibly as this tactic has been used so many times they are embarrassed by the whole affair.

 We are told  there is no proven case that the radio waves


whereas there is a growing international research which disputes this fact. A few clicks into GOOGLE will bring up a great deal of pertinent information, there is even an instance of a cancer cluster with one death in a Warwickshire village all ready and no doubt there are many others throughout the country. In this particular tragedy the mast WAS REMOVED.  Only lower emissions can reduce the risk as shown by the Switzerland study.

Our case is :

1] there is a children's play area within 20 metres approximately 60 feet.


2]  the location of the antenna & boxes is on a place where children are prone to play and in themselves pose a hazard; the adjacent Severn Trent Water station acts as a place for them to congregate being so close to the playing field, and there appear to be no measures to protect against this corner  which is busy and unsighted to pedestrians/ children crossing at this place.

3] the antenna themselves when wet crackle and would be A NOISE NUISANCE.

4]   The main mobile companies including O2, have a mast sharing agreement; there is no evidence that any action has been taken to USE EXISTING MASTS.

The nature of 3g or g3 radio waves is currently a matter of concern in particular & one of our group has a special interest being already experiencing a danger to health in an area already known to be a health risk which could be fatal should the project be implemented.

From our brief search on the internet there does not appear to be a nation-wide organisation which can be called upon to coordinate action against the growing curse of mobile phone masts.

A doctor in the local practice was one of the first to raise concerns of the matter has contacted the relevant authorities.  We are expecting that we have only a few weeks to mobilise our villagers to show THAT THEY ALSO CARE.

A PETITION is being passed around the village and has already shown that people do care about their community . Their support  can stop this diabolical mischief which is a danger to OUR HEALTH and a blot on the landscape which should NOT be permitted in our beautiful Warwickshire countryside.

What is also most alarming is that local accountability is being undermined by what appears a change of attitude of many councillors who seem to consider that they owe their allegiance elsewhere and instead of with their fellow citizens. We found it necessary to speak to the councillors and explain that they cannot leave it to one courageous lady to lead the fight back and that they should take a lead and we have been told that we will hear next Wednesday the 15th April with ONLY five days left . They appeared to be shell shocked because no member of the parish council had yet taken a decision to lead the important action which without exaggeration is a matter of LIFE and DEATH as we had already learned that in another Warwickshire village a cancer cluster had appeared and one person had died and as a result the mast WAS REMOVED. 

Fortunately, there is now a swell of support gaining ground within the community itself without their councillor's active support, who are now aware of the danger to their community and are fighting back. To show how arrogant the powers that be are we went into the Ofcom- sitefinder of Radio masts in Warwickshire which brought up the site being contested as already a notified site in existence.

If there had been an emergency of another kind we are sure that the matter would have been dealt with by the councillor's without delay but because one cannot SEE the danger which with its emissions can be compared if we could see it to what one would see in a dense smog which has resulted by an industrial chimney stack which is sending into the atmosphere volumes of thick black acrid smoke.  To those who know about radiation it is called e-smog.

What is also a matter for concern is that this attitude of not realising the greater danger has meant that a connecting village which is pursuing another matter of dispute which is of longer standing. Some of the persons involved in its leadership have not considered that the greater enemy to their village is in the fact the matter of LIFE and DEATH  which involves the Radio mobile phone  mast but they are so fearful of distracting from their own objective that they do not appear to be rising to the dangers to everyone in the village which will affect them 24 hours a day throughout their lives. Should the Radio mobile phone mast be erected they will soon learn to their cost their partisan attitude had possibly contributed to the failure to prevent the installation in the first place.

In a case  mentioned in the website


In a Leicestershire village of Countesthorpe they have been campaigning for three years to move a mobile phone mast which they say is a health hazard.

More than 1,000 people have signed a petition opposing the mast. At the meeting, residents hoped that they would hear that removal was now possible option, but instead given the news that 60 days must pass while a statutory consultation exercise goes on .

It is far better to prevent the installation of the health hazard from the beginning as the above case study has revealed.

We have compared the dilatory way which is happening over Radio mobile masts as similar to the early years of the battle to find out the truth about the tobacco threat to health which was obscured for years by the powerful and wealthy industry which is still paying out claims of compensation which are now no doubt being paid for  by the profits from the considerable number of new customers in the Third World.

In a decade or less the litigation of those proved to have been affected by emissions will amount to millions at first and later as with the cigarette industry to billions. The greatest tragedy of the whole affair is that it will affect every living being from the child in the womb and to an even even greater extent to the young children who are now using mobile phones which have become a common necessity and where their brains will be adversely affected and their general health deteriorate to make them old before their time.

The only beneficiaries will be the LEGAL PROFESSION who as they did on smoking and asbestos and other complaints must be already gearing up to make millions in processing the number of claims that will soon be flooding into their offices.

With regard to our own battleground we shall keep you all posted as to the outcome which we hope will be in our favour but the evidence already before us is not at all comforting - but the fight goes on.

If there are any others which have been affected by the same callous behaviour and have information which could be of help in our CAUSE would you PLEASE sent the details to the lone warrior:

Pat Beal

6 , Friary Road, Hampton Magna, Budbrooke, Warwick, Warwickshire England, CV 35 8TD

TEL 01926/498924.


There are many studies from across the world on the effects of RADIATION to HEALTH

The internet has many other studies to support the study below.



But GOOGLE will have many others for you to view.

In is only in the last few weeks that we have displayed the dangers inherent in mobile phone masts  and the following articles below will remind YOU of the DANGERS which exist under a totalitarian regime.

Should we be victims of their evil satanic plans you will see our website being plagued with viruses and we have already come under attack in the last few days and if their mobile mast works as it should we shall not be getting many comfortable nights in the future and our minds will have to fend for themselves.  But we must not be gloomy as for the people of our island home are just beginning to awaken from their long sleep and they will not like what they see happening around them and will we hope question the actions of those who are turning our country into a TOTALITARIAN STATE.


A visit to the ofcom website:

will show that the post code CV35 8TD brings up the map of the village as an already existing site. 



APRIL -2009