Because of the stupidity of New Labour who had an OPEN DOOR for immigration from the Muslim world  we now have within our country what one can term an ENEMY WITHIN.

For the few Muslims who endeavour to integrate they still cannot because of their own more demanding culture embrace 'the new way of life '-it is not their way of life. We are constantly being told that some Muslims are tolerant and will in time become 'one of us', But this is for a Muslim all nonsense. Everything they HATE is all around them and in some instances many Christians would agree with them of the sordid aspects of some of the culture they are asked to tolerate or adhere. Nevertheless, it is the duty of all Muslims to strive to obtain an Islamic State in their new homeland.  If from the beginning there had been Government policy to only allow a small number of Muslims to settle in our country there would possibly have been a chance that they would endeavour to integrate into the island community but this was not the case and instead we now have millions of Muslims in our small island home who have NO INTENTION TO INTEGRATE and will lose no time in promoting their own selective agenda as encouraged by Government handouts which only strengthen their demands to be treated more selectively than the indigenous population. And as a result we have many Ghettos in many counties of ENGLAND.

We have from the beginning stated that we need clean hands to deal with the Islamic fundamentalist question and that is why we have opposed the illegal war in Iraq from its beginnings. We can understand their anger as demonstrated against our brave soldiers of whom hundreds of their comrades have lost their lives and many many thousands wounded many seriously and will in many cases feel the affects for the remainder of their lives.  We mentioned some time ago that if we had illegally invaded any other country with a large immigrant population in our country many of those people would no doubt take to the streets.


They encouraged millions of immigrants from the Indian-sub continent with their Muslim Faith which any knowledgeable diplomats from the area would have warned of the difficulties or even the impossibility of integration. We are fortunate in having over the past few years  a diplomat of great experience in Sir Alistair Green of MigrationWatch with his experience of Islamic countries at close hand and the dangers of an OPEN DOOR policy on IMMIGRATION.  In many cities and towns in England there is now a preponderance of immigrants from Muslim countries and many indigenous  people no longer feel they live in the same country as their birth.   Of course the perpetrators of the pernicious policies of New Labour have the where for all to live were ever they like on the Planet having in the majority of cases robbed the taxpayer and looking forward to a wonderful relaxed retirement on the people they have swindled and traitorously deprived them of their Rights and Liberties-Constitution and Country.

REMEMBER on JUNE4 the GANG of THREE in WESTMINSTER are responsible for the state of your country and they need your vote in order to allow them to continue their destructive policies -IMMIGRATION-BURDENSOME PUBLIC SECTOR and covering up the dirty tricks of the BANKERS and also for selling YOUR COUNTRY to a FOREIGN POWER


Who intend to stand candidates in all EU member states in order to obtain fundamental change which is of course will be impossible but its intervention will inevitably lead to the fall of the undemocratic and unaccountable and demonic United States of Europe.


[We have noticed the case of Lord Ahmed who has appeared to have received special treatment from the law fraternity no doubt because of his usefulness to the Government in Muslim matters. His straight talking about matters that the liberal brigade has found to hot to handle is certainly a benefit to the ministers who at the best of times have no stomach to speak the TRUTH.]