The comparisons between our two countries are a mirror image at what has happened to our society when foreign policy is decided by the hawks and not the doves.

In the 173 pages of the 2008 edition of THE REVOLUTION-A MANIFESTO by Ron Paul a best seller in the USA and as stated by the NEW YORK TIMES -a BESTSELLER.  And we know WHY?

....'My message is one of freedom and individual rights. I believe individuals have a right to life and liberty and that physical aggression should be used only defensively.

[We acknowledge this statement but would identify the subtle meaning as including civil disobedience when a people are about to be deprived of their fundamental rights of citizenship and national identity as is the case in the Island Home of the 'Rights and Liberties of Englishmen ' which became the clarion call of the new emerging citizens of the United States of America.  In the United States they have their Supreme Court which protects the American citizen and the integrity of the Constitution of those United States of America. In England we have not been so fortunate as our unique Constitution  was protected by the Solemn Oath of the Queen and HER MINISTERS and a fat lot of good were they in saving our unique parliamentary democracy and the accustomed 'Rights and Liberties of Englishmen']

We should respect each other as rational beings by trying to achieve our goals through reason and persuasion rather than threats and coercion.  That, and not a desire for "economic efficiency," is the primary moral reason for opposing government intrusions into our lives:


People seem to think I [Ron Paul]  am speaking of principles foreign to the Republican tradition. BUT listen to the words of Robert A.Taft, who in the old days of the Republican Party was once its standard bearer:

'When I say liberty I do not simply mean what is referred to as


I mean liberty of the individual to think his thoughts and live his own life as he desires to think and to live; the liberty of the  to decide how they wish to live, what they want for breakfast and for dinner, and how they spend their time; liberty of a man to develop his ideas and get other people to teach those ideas, if he can convince them that they have some value to the  world; liberty of every local community to decide how its children shall be educated, how its local services shall be run, and who its local leaders shall be ; liberty of a man to choose his own occupation; and liberty of a man to run his own business as he thinks it ought to be run, as long as he dies not interfere with the right of other people to do the same thing.'

As George Washington the First President of the United States of America added:

The great rule of conduct for us in regard to foreign nations is in extending our commercial relations, to have with them as little political connection as possible...Why quit our own to stand on foreign ground? Why , by interweaving our destiny with that of any part of Europe, entangle our peace and prosperity in the toils of European ambition, rivalship, interest, humour or caprice?

[Millions of people in England have said the same thing in March 2009 and over the past 36 years about the totalitarian entity calling itself now a UNITED STATES OF EUROPE. The above speech is as true today as it was then as age is no barrier to TRUTH.

There is an abundance of wise advice throughout the work of Ron Paul on LIBERTY which as he continually states has been spoken by so many others over the past centuries since the birth of the United States of America.]

We will conclude the present extract of the work with the words of John Quincy Adams of Massachusetts (1825-9) 6th President of the United States.

Mr Paul first states the 'some Americans may be familiar with the admonition of John Quincy Adams that America does not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy. But his sentiments extended well beyond this oft -cited maxim. FIRST, Adams considered what could be said in America's defense if anyone were ever to wonder what she had done for the world.

[I]f the wise and learned philosophers of the elder world... should find their hearts disposed to enquire what has America done for the benefit of mankind?  let our reply be this:

AMERICA, with the same voice which spoke herself into existence as a nation, proclaimed to mankind the inextinguishable rights of human nature, and the only lawful foundations of government. AMERICA, in the assembly of nations, since her admission among them, has invariably: though often fruitlessly, held forth to them the hand of honest friendship, of equal freedom, of generous reciprocity. SHE has uniformly spoken among them, though often to heedless, and often to disdainful ears, the language of

EQUAL LIBERTY- of EQUAL JUSTICE and of EQUAL RIGHTS; she has in the lapse of nearly half a century, without a single exception, respected the independence of other nations while asserting and maintaining her own; SHE has abstained from interference in the concerns of others, even when the conflict has been for principles to which she clings as to the LAST VITAL DROP THAT VISITS THE HEART.


Adams then described the foreign policy of the American republic:


'WHENEVER the STANDARD of FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE has been or shall be unfurled, there will be HER HEART, HER BENEDICTIONS and HER PRAYERS be. But she goes not abroad in search of monsters to destroy. SHE is the WELL WISHER to the FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE of ALL.  SHE is the CHAMPION and vindicator only of HER OWN.  SHE will COMMAND the GENERAL CAUSE by the countenance of HER VOICE, and the benignant sympathy of HER EXAMPLE.  SHE WELL KNOWS that by once enlisting under OTHER BANNERS than HER OWN, were they even BANNERS of FOREIGN INDEPENDENCE, SHE WOULD involve HERSELF beyond the POWER of EXTRICATION, in all the WARS of INTEREST and INTRIGUE, of INDIVIDUAL AVARICE, ENVY and AMBITION, which assume the COLOURS and USURP the STANDARD of FREEDOM.  THE FUNDAMENTAL MAXIMS of HER POLICY would insensibly CHANGE FROM LIBERTY to FORCE... SHE MIGHT become the DICTATRESS of the WORLD. SHE WOULD NO LONGER THE RULER OF HER OWN SPIRIT...'

Ron Paul later comments:   To those who say that the attackers are motivated by a hatred of Western liberalism or the moral degeneracy of American culture, Scheuer points out that Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini tried in vain for a decade to instigate an anti-Western jihad on exactly that basis. IT WENT NOWHERE. Bin Laden's message, on the other hand, has been so attractive to so many people because it is fundamentally defensive.  Bin Laden, says Scheuer, has " spurned the Ayatollah's wholesale condemnation of Western society," focusing instead on "specific, bread -and-butter issues on which there is widespread agreement among MUSLIMS...

... Scheuer told reporters: " About the only thing that can hold together the loose coalition that Osama bin Laden has assembled is a COMMON MUSLIM HATRED FOR THE IMPACT OF USA FOREIGN POLICY...they all agree they have HATE USA FOREIGN POLICY. To the degree we change that policy in the interests of the United States , they become more and more focused on their local problems." That's not what a lot of our talking heads tell you on television every day, but few people are in a better position to understand bin Laden's message than Scheuer, ONE OF OUR COUNTRIES FOREMOST EXPERTS ON THE MAN...

[We shall from time to time include other extracts from the work of Senator Ron Paul but why not get this most informative and knowledgeable book which will give you HOPE for the future of DEMOCRACY and the LIBERTY of the INDIVIDUAL which is in the HEART and FRAME of a modern CRUSADER.




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