Revealed: the roll call of bankers rewarded by Brown and Blair.

by James Chapman

Deputy Political Editor

[Daily Mail, Thursday, February 12, 2009]


LABOUR'S intimate relationship with the FINANCIAL INDUSTRY has seen dozens of bankers given honours. appointed a MINISTERS and given jobs on GOVERNMENT TASKFORCES-REVIEWS and QUANGOS...

It is not only peerages and other honours with which LABOUR has REWARDED the BANKERS.

A total of 37 have also won high-profile jobs on Government COMMISSIONS- QUANGOS and ADVISORY BODIES.


KNIGHTHOODS:   Fred Goodwin: Group Chief Executive of RBS. James Crosby: Chief Executive of HBOS. George Mathewson,CBE: Group chief executive of RBS. Keith Whitson: Group chief executive of HSBC.  Peter Burt: Executive Deputy chairman of HBOS.  Mervyn Pedelty: Lately chief executive of Co-operative Financial services. Philip Hampton: Chief financial officer for Lloyds TSB.  John Bond: Group chairman of HSBC.

LIFE PEERAGES Lord Turner: Chairman of Financial Services Authority. Shriti Vadera: Spent 14 years at UBS as an investment banker. Lord Leitch: raised to a peerage in 2004.  Lord Myners: Worked for a decade at NM Rothschild.  Lord Acton: Former banker at Coutts, was appointed life peer in 2002. Baroness Cohen: Former banker.  Lord Mervyn Davies: Former Chairman of Standard Chartered Bank.

CBE:  Helen Weir Group finance director of Lloyds TSB.  Adrian Montague: Deputy chairman of Partnerships UK. Christopher Lendrum: Vice chair of Barclays Bank. Susan Rice: Chief executive of Lloyds TSB Scotland. Michael Marks: Executive  chairman of Merrill Lynch. Philip Williamson: Lately chief executive Nationwide Building Society.

OBE:  John White : Director of group technology of RBS.  Lindsay Tomlinson: Ex chair, Investment Management Association.  Dennis Licence: managing director of First Trust Bank. Michael Ellis: Ex-fund commissioner of Fund Distribution Ltd.

MBE:  Andrew Robinson: Head of community development Banking at NatWest and RBS.  John Brown:  Senior manager of Northern Bank Ltd.  Paulette West: Barclays, for services to banking. Gary Lumby:  Head of retail and small banking servic  at Yorkshire Bank.


QUANGOS:  Hector Sants: Chief executive of the FSA. Glen Moreno: Acting chairman of UK Financial investments.


[Gordon Brown needs to explain how it was possible that with such a varied array of expertise at hand that his banking friends were able to hide the seriousness of the catastrophe unfolding.  No doubt the Financial markets were not alarmed because they knew that when the disaster strikes the bankers have the best insurance in the world -THE TAX PAYER! and Gordon Brown must have known that the so-called REGULATION was NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE but blinded by the smooth talking bankers DID NOTHING.  He himself caused the spiral of madness in the money markets by his own NEVER HAD IT SO GOOD policies instead of observing his once closest friend PRUDENCE. We notice that David Cameron has had to show some interest in the matter but no doubt the so-called Conservative Party itself should have picked up the signs of the impending disaster knowing as we do that they themselves are noted for being joined at the hip with those same bankers. ]



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