Of course within decades of the birth of the Christian Faith a Church hierarchy arose which  drifted away from the true teachings of Jesus Christ and became in centuries later an evil and worldly power which as with large entities throughout history became despotic and tyrannous institution which at the time of the REFORMATION in answer to the spread of PROTESTANTISM forced the CATHOLIC CHURCH to face the evil practices which had build up in its long history and make some progress towards REFORM in order to prevent the CHURCH being destroyed from the enemies within.  As everyone knows there was a COUNTER REVOLUTION which recouped some of their previous followers but a great many with their various interpretations of the Vulgate formed their own CHURCH to their own designs. At this trend has continued over the past centuries to the present day.

The EUROPEAN UNION COLLECTIVE over the past 36 years has itself taken on the form of the CHRISTIAN CHURCH of the past at its worst when in its most evil and demonic aspects.  It also displayed to the world the divide of what it wished to be and what it projected to the people. The two failed to keep to the simple message . In the one case the words of Jesus Christ and in the second on the hopes of millions who wished for a democratic Europe of sovereign states united as one for the benefit of ALL.

Today in February 2009 the true CHRISTIAN CHURCH still stands as a reminder that the INDIVIDUAL is IMPORTANT in their relation to GOD and MAN.  Totalitarian countries cannot permit the CHRISTIAN CHURCH to exist because it values the INDIVIDUAL over GOVERNMENT.  Of course in some countries they may in small numbers be tolerated but in many countries they and their faith are not tolerated.  And even today suffer martyrdom because of their FAITH.

The EUROPEAN UNION needs to destroy CHRISTIANITY because it fears its STRENGTH-VALUES and INDIVIDUALITY.  We are constantly hearing almost on a weekly account of the  belittlement and prejudice against those of the CHRISTIAN FAITH .  Whereas other religions within our midst are granted respect not afforded to CHRISTIANS.  We know why this is - it is because of the nature of the CHRISTIAN FAITH which placing the INDIVIDUAL on a higher plane that of the STATE.  This TOTALITARIAN STATES cannot stomach OPPOSITION as they want no one to question their right of control on every aspect of an INDIVIDUALS LIFE. IN ten years of NEW LABOUR we have seen the almost destruction of our Society by the attacks on all IDEALS and VALUES which they hope will enable the people to fit the EU system like a glove.

There is no doubt that EVIL is within its very core and concept of the EUROPEAN UNION as its SECRETIVE structure and lack of openness and accountability has and does SHOW.  Its ACCOUNTS have not been passed for 14 years because of the rabid corruption within. It is an INSTITUTION of GREED and POWER where a select ELITE are above the LAW. Such was not the case in ENGLAND until the signing of EU TREATIES which have secretly introduced the continental system of corpus juris where the INDIVIDUAL is GUILTY before judgment of his case instead of under the COMMON LAW of ENGLAND- INNOCENT until PROVED GUILTY .   Those extradited under the NEW EUROPEAN ARREST WARRANT now find themselves on THEIR OWN and even if the CHARGE is FALSE they can expect no help from their once FREE COUNTRY.

The ENGLISH as a PEOPLE have not lived up to the high ideals of those of only 50 years ago.  They have stood by and watched as their once world acclaimed parliamentary democracy and CONSTITUTION has been dismantled by the connivance of QUEEN-LORDS and COMMONS who had taken an OATH to protect our CONSTITUTION and FREE COUNTRY and who in JUNE 2008 signed the ratification of the LISBON TREATY which in effect has replaced a once respected democracy and beacon of FREEDOM throughout the world into PROVINCES of the evil and demonic UNITED STATES of EUROPE.  In later times the CHILDREN and their CHILDREN will question how it came about that their LEGACY which was their precious INHERITANCE by RIGHT was squandered in such a paltry way by their descendents and what kind of people would allow such a despicable and cowardly action take place without even taking the battle to the streets for such a NOBLE CAUSE.