The Bluebloods and the Russians





Ben Lawrence

As heavyweight members of the Establishment go, few are more heavyweight than this.

Take one former 'FOREIGN' SECRETARY who now sits in the House of Lords. [Would this be the same Douglas Hurd who after signing the treacherous Maastricht Treaty the OPEN DOOR to the UNITED STATES OF EUROPE was overheard after signing the treaty:

'We'd better find out what we've just signed']

take the former head of GCHQ, the GOVERNMENT' SECRET INTERNATIONAL listening post and now a knighthood.

Add in one-time member of America's national Security Council who advised three consecutive US presidential administrations.

And to give even more gravitas to this already heavyweight gathering, recruit a couple of figures who have played leading roles in the European telecoms industry.

Respectable? certainly. Blue-blooded? without a doubt.  These are just the sort of chaps whose names one wants on a corporate letterhead, just the types to open doors in corridors of power around the globe.

And they are just the types who have been recruited by the Russian billionaire oligarch Mikhail Fridman.

Former 'FOREIGN' secretary Douglas Hurd, Sir Francis Richards who used to head GCHQ, Peter Watson who had the ear of George Bush senior and Bill Clinton, plus Sir Julian Horn-Smith who was a leading figure in Vodafone and Kurt Hellstrom who headed telecoms hardware giant Ericsson -ALL sit on the 'international advisory board'

Another part of Fridman's empire, Alfa Capital partners, boasts as one of its luminaries Lord Powel of Bayswater who , as plain Charles Powell was a foreign affairs and defence to the Thatcher and Major governments.

BUT now, this clutch of worthies find themselves fronting for a business empire that:

1] has been castigated by a judge for trying to wriggle out of its legal obligations putting a number of its businesses in CONTEMPT of COURT.

2]   has distributed FAKE DOCUMENTS as part of a campaign against one of its business rivals; had the documents been genuine they would have dealt A DEVASTATING BLOW to the REPUTATION of ALTIMO'S opponent;


3]   played a key role in the bitter dispute with Britain's BP earlier this year, a dispute so ferocious the BP's man in MOSCOW chose to go into HIDING because he feared that HIS EVERY CONVERSATION and PHONE CALL was BEING BUGGED.

And now, the saga has taken a further ,curious twist.

The DAILY MAIL has obtained a recording and transcript,  of what appears to be a speech by one of Fridman's key lieutenants.

According to the transcript, the blue-bloods who sit as 'international advisers' to Russian companies are being used as little more than WINDOW DRESSING.

They need know little or nothing about business they represent -but can be useful in diverting the media's attention from a Russian company's 'bandit' origins.....

[Well talking about the political terminology so prevalent when connected to those who gladly take on board the Soviet Leninist line are described as 'useful idiots ' . There are a crop of them - in particular MEP's and Government officials and past prime ministers and many others we identify as THE ENEMY WITHIN  who ply their indoctrinated misinformation with a straight face and unfortunately they do fool people most of the time.]

These people... are trading their name...the name does play a role and does matter to the reporters and to any other audience...

In a statement, Altimo said: 'We are aware that various materials are in circulation which relate to Altimo, its executives and its International Advisory Board.

'We understand that such materials may contain false information which is intended to damage the reputation of Altimo and its advisers through its publication in the media.'

Babaey issued a further statement to the Daily Mail: 'We consider this claim to be more of a  PR nature than a legal; nature, and we will defend ourselves vigorously'.


Babaev repeatedly said that the account of this comments had been given to the Daily Mail by a public relations company PBN


Whether or not Babaev's conference comments have been correctly reported, do these 'international advisers' not feel that THEY ARE BEING USED?


Outrageous? Maybe. But will it be enough to put off the Establishment [high profile]  figures who are still giving Fridman THEIR SEAL OF APPROVAL?


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