Is your home in an ASBO zone?

HOUSEHUNTERS who want to be assured their prospective address is desirable can buy a report containing its 'ASBO' rating.

For between £80 and £100 they will receive details of youth and gang -related nuisance-vandalism-drug nuisance prostitution -dog and animal nuisance -harassment and intimidation-a street robberies and litter.

The packs are being produced by a group of solicitors who claim to be Britain's only supplier of reports on trouble at street level.

Plymouth-based Asbo-data argues that prospective buyers have no other way, apart from word of mouth, of finding out what an area is like.

By the time they have moved in, it is too late to do anything if they have been misinformed.

The information, compiled from police details released under the Freedom of Information Act, also looks at the number of multiple occupation residences, which usually indicates tenanted properties as opposed to family homes.

Asbodate director Ken Papenfus said: 'This information is specifically tailored to each buyer, so they can decide it it is the right street for them.

[When we spotted this article our first reaction was to check if the day was in fact APRIL 1 because after eleven years of New Labour it must be a million- to -one chance to find a peaceful retreat anywhere.  Neverthe less it is a good idea but like most things in life one cannot count on ANYTHING but at least it gives some comfort before the GOVERNMENT builds another million plus homes and reduces the open spaces around us on top of the 30,000 acres already lost.]


[Daily Mail-MAY 14 -2008]










Urgent: The Obama New World Order Threat?
"The Evidence Provided Below on Obama's Frightening Involvement with the New World Agenda is Under a threat of Being Taken Offline. You Must Act Now to Receive it...Fast"

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Did You Write This Book?

Many of the traditional giants of bible prophecy are still interpreting end time events according to traditional meanings that really are now out dated in light of the primary evidence that is emerging regarding the new world order and its execution.

Also we realized that some of the major bible prophecy ministries are censored to how much they can speak about the government, the new world order etc for fear of losing their airtime on radio or television which is major mode for their funding.

For instance at a recent international bible prophecy conference, not one of the speakers spoke about the dangers of Barack Obama, the North American Union, the Club of Rome or the Masonic involvement with the New World Order.

None spoke of the fact that the majority of Israeli political leadership are actually freemasons of the highest order. Its easy to speak about surface level bible prophecy and talk about the financial mess and the tribulation this and that and still skirt around the detail. But the devil is in the detail.

Also the internet has allowed the floodgates for people without any training in research or bible study interpretation to be flooding the internet with wild speculations and sensationalizing of bible prophecy with very poor primary evidence or research methods.

For instance, in 2008, hundreds of You Tube videos emerged linking Barack Obama's name to 666. However the methods used to accomplish this were so stretched,  ridiculous and incredibly void of any credibility that it created a public perception that this was part of a movement to discredit Obama. As a result many people simply are not interested in anything to do with Obama and the New World Order when the actual evidence is that he is involved in a dangerous way.

So "The Antichrist Identity" was written to provide critical primary evidence so that ordinary people can review the case for the new world order and the specific individuals who are involved and make their own decisions as to the evidence. It is far different to anything else on the internet with enough detail for to sink your teeth into it but also written in a way that even a rookie can follow on chapter by chapter.

Also there is close to 200 additional research notes at the end so that the reader can do follow up research.

2. Why Did You Call it "The Antichrist Identity"?

Mainly because the book is focused on the emergence of the antichrist system and so addressing a real insight into some of the people that seem to be showing real traits of the biblical Antichrist. However me and my team all strongly believe the Antichrist will not be revealed fully until after the rapture. However it is clear that there are key people that we know who are orchestrating the progression toward the antichrist sytem.

One of the major aspects of the coming antichrist system is deception. The unfortunate thing about attempts to fictionalize the end times in books and movies such as the Left Behind Series, is that people then truly think that this is exactly how the end times events will play out.

However many people do not stop to think that those behind the New World Order are aware of the christian teachings on the end times and have already put specific plans in place for their agenda to be rolled out in a much more deceptive way that will in some cases conflict with the traditional teachings on bible prophecy. For instance I speak in the book about "Project Enoch", a fake rapture (not the true christian rapture) that is being planned to create theological chaos within christianity.

3. Is this ebook only available in the United States?

This book is available worldwide.

4. Can I buy the book if I live outside the United States?

If you have a credit card, debit card or paypal account you can pay for the book from anywhere in the world.

5. Can I get the book in hard copy, or only as an e-book?

This book is available via instant download! You can be reading this book and be well on your way to accessing sensitive information not available elsewhere! Even if you have never downloaded something from the internet before it comes with instructions, it’s so easy! In order to read the downloaded book you will need to have Acrobat Reader on your computer. You can download a copy of Acrobat Reader for free by clicking on Adobe Reader Download  and following the prompts. Once you have downloaded the e-book you can print it out if you prefer to read a hard copy rather than reading it on-screen

Zero Shipping Costs

No waiting time, forget having to wait weeks for postal delivery

No risk of products lost in the mail or damaged

4 Extra massive special bonuses that come with your report

6. Any Future Plans

We are already in talks with several publishers regarding taking the book into hard copy by the end of the year. The only problem we are having is that some of the publishers are apprehensive because some of the content is controversial and many of them don't want specific government groups to begin focusing on them. This is why we are selling this book online as we believe its important that the books contents are out there Now.

7. What Else Comes with The Report

Each person will also have an option when purchasing the book to register for our monthly newsletter called "Vision". Its really a groundbreaking month by month follow on from the Antichrist Identity Report providing additional evidence and news which show some of the things going on behind the scenes. Very little of the news in "Vision" you will see in the mainstream media.

We also provide monthly access to video footage of some of the best presentations on the new world order by our colleagues and others who provide some fantastic insights into the coming antichrist world government system.

8. How secure is Clickbank?

We use ClickBank to process all orders for the "The Antichrist Identity". Clickbank is the internet’s largest on-line distribution center for electronic books. The following information about their security is from their website. You can see the original at

Advanced Security

Clickbank uses sophisticated international fraud control to screen all purchases. For maximum card security, all orders are sent directly to the banking network for immediate authorization. We do not store any credit card or bank account numbers.

I have used Clickbank’s secure server for you to pay for and down-load the book, so I never get to see your credit card details. Also, Clickbank themselves provide a 60 days money back guarantee on anything you buy through them. This means that if you are not happy with the book, any time in the next 60 days you can ask for your money back. Clickbank will then repay you.

You can read more about Clickbank’s security and money-back guarantee system by going to the Clickbank home page ( and clicking on the “legal” tab at the top.

9. How do I know that what you’re saying is true?

One thing about the internet, it’s hard to know what’s true and when something is a hoax. All I can do is give you my word, and a 100% money-back guarantee to remove any risk to you. So you can buy the book, read it, and make your own judgment. If you are not happy, simply request a refund.

I have used Clickbank’s secure server for you to pay for and down-load the book. As well as protecting your credit card details, Clickbank themselves provide a 60-day money-back guarantee on anything you buy through them. This means that if you are not happy with the book, any time in the next 60 days you can ask for your money back. Clickbank will then repay you.

You can read more about Clickbank’s security and money-back guarantee system by going to the Clickbank home page ( and clicking on the “legal” tab at the top.

Mel Sanger MSc
Author, The Antichrist Identity Report
Head of the Antichrist Identity (AI) Research Team

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Urgent: The Obama New World Order Threat?
"The Evidence Provided Below on Obama's Frightening Involvement with the New World Agenda is Under a threat of Being Taken Offline. You Must Act Now to Receive it...Fast"

WARNING: This Report is under threat of being taken offline due to its content. It is important that you read below to know how to access the rest of the information before the Report is taken offline.

Chaos In A Major Christian Denomination Regarding Obama!

My name is Mel Sanger, an international political researcher. In February 2008 I and my group of 5 political research analysts were asked by a Major American Christian Church (can't name it for obvious reasons) to investigate whether Barack Obama had any involvement with the freemason new world order.

The Christian organization had received numerous calls and emails from its congregational members during 2007 and early 2008 asking whether Barack Obama was the Biblical Antichrist. It would seem that there were a number of teachers in the organization who were teaching this view which was conflicting with the organizations overall general major public support for Obama.

The confusion was causing major issues inside the church and they wanted a political research team without any ties to the organization or political biases to address the matter and report back on the findings. So we gladly accepted the task of tackling this subject.

I Was Put Off By the Typical Sensationalist Views At Every Election!

Up until then I had personally dismissed criticism of Barack Obama as simple attempts to discredit one of the most incredible political journeys not only in US history, but World History. Obama’s rise was on par with the release of Nelson Mandela and the Freedom speech of Martin Luther King decades ago.

I had been re-energized by his speeches and his story. I had read his biography "Dreams of My Father" and had personally bought 10 of his biographies for a local community, for them to loan out to deprived young people who needed proof that they could succeed against the odds.

My negativity to criticism on Obama (especially those saying he was the Antichrist) had largely been because of the shoddy sensationalist things written about him, especially on YouTube.

For instance, on YouTube there were many video's linking Barack Obama's name to 666. Others had provided pictures of Obama not saluting the American Flag. Under full research analysis, most, if not all of these accusations were simply poor primary evidence and shoddy outstretched research with absolutely no credibility.

5000 Hours of Painstaking Analysis!

Between March 2008 and September 2008 our research group examined over 4000 pieces of documentation regarding the coming New World Order and the key people involved, both those in the public spotlight and others who remain behind the scenes.

The purpose of the research was to see identify substantial links to Barack Obama or any of the key people associated with him, and to understand his political ideology, views on faith and morals and religious associations.

We studied more than 5000 hours worth of footage on all his speeches, looking out for views, comments or words which may carry coded or cryptic messages missed by the general public but discerned by others.

A New Sickening Discovery!

In June 2008 after assessing over 3000 pieces of documentation our research team uncovered some damning and frightening evidence that completely changed our view of him Totally.

The information was so startling that at first we refused to believe it but additional analysis of confidential documents made our fears come true and it was an undeniable fact. There was a sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach because I literally had to undo everything I had liked about this man in light of the chilling evidence.

In September 2008 we published the findings in a report called the Antichrist Identity. The title is slightly misleading as we do not believe that he is the biblical Antichrist. However there is iron clad research and evidence that confirms that he is a major pawn in the new world order and one of the most dangerous US presidents ever to hold office.

He is also progressing the antichrist system that is is gathering pace after the recent world economic upheaval.

The report also implicates not only Barack Obama but also Javier Solana of the European Union, Prince Charles of Wales, Queen Beatrix of Netherlands and Prince Hassan of Jordan.

The report implicates a secret network of people who all know each others world roles and who are acting independently publicly, but are coercing a plan behind the public scene to use their powers of influence to take the world to a new level of world regulation.

Why Are The Christian Experts Asleep?

You would have thought that the christian community would have discerned this but unfortunately much of the christian community is asleep on this matter. Bible Prophecy Ministries who week in, week out, publish so much information about the coming new world order are silent on this specific matter.

Infact nearly all of the bible prophecy ministries we have contacted and asked to air our report all of them, 100% have refused to even respond.

Others are sitting on the fence. Clearly they can sense something weird has been triggered in the political dimension but whether its for fear of losing their airtime on TV, Radio, many simply skirt around the issue suggesting that "we need to pray for Obama" and going no further.

At a recent international bible prophecy conference, did you know that after 3 days of lectures and presentations there was absolutely nothing said about “Obama and the New World Order” or “The Masonic deception by which the New world Order will be executed"…..

There was lots of talk and discussion about the rapture, the tribulation, the economic meltdown, the European Union, commitment to Israel etc but absolutely nothing about the dangers of the Obama New World Order, or why is it, that the political leadership of Israel are freemasons, or the purpose of the rebuilding Of Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem from an occultist perspective.

Skirting with the broad issues but not dealing with the detail.....Unfortunately the devil is in the detail!

Why You Urgently Need to Get This Report!


Because MSN and YAHOO have already blocked us from advertising this report through their advertising system. Only Google remains and we now know the days of this report are limited. Therefore you must take Action Today and Obtain This Report. We can no longer guarantee its availability.


Because The report contains confidential information that few people aside from you will have access to. Most People simply won't believe the report because they have been totally deceived by a strong delusion. You will be one of the few who has access to this report and its contents.

Because With the report you also receive a free additional 30 Page report with essays from 15 of America's Top Political Columnists on the dangers of the obama movement.
Because just like the movie the Matrix, the vast majority of people don't believe or don't want to believe. I remember the sickening feeling I had when I literally had to undo my whole perception of Obama. It not easy and wasn't nice and part of me wanted to disown the evidence we found. However I believe you want the 100% truth.......Get the Report Now to see the Truth but it may make you uneasy!

Because the findings conflict with some of the traditional major bible prophecy ministries end time views. I have been well familiar with some of the bible prophecy ministries that you are aware of. Jack Van Impe, Grant Jeffrey, Tim LaHaye...........................

However none of them for some reason or the other go to the depth of detail that is required to understand the deceptive way that the new world order is being executed. Why?................Because their research hardly penetrates the understanding of freemasonry and its occultic time bound plan that is being rolled out deceitfully to catch Christians off guard.....It is only surface level and does not deal with the root core of the coming new world order......Get the Report to see full details of the root core.......


Because the report implicates not only Obama but a secret network of people  (some you will know) who all know each others roles who are acting independently publicly but are coercing a plan behind the scenes. The plan has been so deceptive that even ministries like John Hagee's "Friends for Israel" initiative has unsuspectingly been caught up in this controversy......Get the Report Now to see Why....

Why is it That

On the day of Barack Obama's Inauguration, the media made reference to the fact that Barack Obama's Presidential Car has been nicknamed "The Beast ...........Is this a sign that the Masonic Conspirators behind the New World Order are purposely playing with those who have an understanding of end time prophecy?


That in 2008 were there over 3 million searches on the keywords "Obama Antichrist" and "Obama Messiah"?.......Does Barack Obama have an apocalyptic role given the global financial circumstances in which he has risen to power. Is he a man divinely appointed or an agent of the New World Order objective?


Obama, despite claiming to be a professing Christian, made a number of statements regarding the Christian faith and his view that there are different pathways to God other than through the biblical view?


There is a shocking connection between Obama's philosophy and aggressive socialist marxist ideals...........Is the United States undergoing a transition to make it finally susceptible for subversion to a new world order objective, which will initiate the formation of a world government structure and the absolute loss of personal freedom and many of the freedom amendments?

The Antichrist Identity is a 150 Page Report composed of the research  we did in 2008 where you will have full complete 100% access to cutting edge evidence that the new world order is moving forward now at lightening speed. No stone is unturned, we name names and provide clear documented evidence for you to chew on.

Click here for a Sneak Preview

A Small Preview of the Vast Number of Insights For
You To Make Your Own Personal Decision on The Evidence.


Your view of the end times will be forever changed by the information in this report. It will seriously challenge your views, political beliefs and will cause discomfort as it reveals a major deception regarding the United States in recent times! (Part 1: Page 29)



You will fully understand why Talk Radio Stations all over America are now Facing the threat of Censorship by Obama when he becomes President under the Obama New World Order. (Part 2: Page 21)



You will understand the reason why many bible prophecy experts have been muted regarding the election of Barack Obama. What is it that they know but are simply too scared to say regarding the Obama New World Order (Part 1: Page 32)



What was the Importance and Significance of Obama's attendance at Trinity United Church of Christ. (Part 2: Page 9)


Birds of a Socialist Marxist Feather do Flock Together and because of the absolute lack of belief by many on this issue, we will provide you the names and political agenda's of some of Obama's major advisors. Once you see this list and proof of their covert connection to Obama there will be no hiding place! (Part 2: Page 13)


Why is there confusion in the Muslim World regarding their view of Barack Obama? (Part 2: Page 57)


Does Obama's moral and religious views cause fundamental conflict with the Christian Faith which he professes? (Part 2: Page 17)


Why Has Google reported over 5 million searches in 2008 for the term "Obama Antichrist" and does he have an apocalyptic role? (Part 3: Page 23)


Why is the Destruction of Islam and the removal of the Dome of the Rock from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, a significant requirement for those looking to bring about the Masonic New World Order? (Part 3: Page 12)

And Much More...............................

Your Choice!

There is no beating around the bush or hard sell with this 150 page report. If you have got this far, its because something deep inside you hasn't been fully comfortable with what you have seen on Barack Obama's rise onto the world scene.

"This special report confirms the  concerns I have had with popular bible prophecy teachings. Masonic lodges know bible prophecy and will rollout their agenda in a sinister deceitful way that will catch many of us off guard. The Antichrist Identity Report is one of the more detailed expose's of the coming new world order, and does it in a way that is refreshing and informative."

Richard Bailey, Cupertino, California.


"Considering I am usually cautious about ordering anything online there was something about your report presentation which seemed to hit a nerve with me. I had actually voted for Barack Obama and had seen the outline of your report and its assertions as downright crazy. In downloading your report and re-reading it several times over, it actually dawned on me that you guys had actually hit something. After studying biblical prophecy for 15 years and teaching in various churches I am amazed at how I did not see this coming. I believe as Americans many of us have been so worn out by the Republican administration that we wanted change whoever would bring it without doing the proper background checking. Have to applaud you and apologies for the harsh emails I sent you at the beginning."

Phil Crozier, Irving, Texas


"Excellent, well documented report. The expose of Barack Obama and Prince Charles is probably one of the best insights I have read in years. I wish you well in trying to get the publication into hard print. My only constructive criticism is that there is so much information in the report that for nearly a week my husband got no attention. May your ministry continue to be blessed as it is only through spiritual discernment that one could have identified such key issues. Really Good Information. Thanks."

Rachel Thompson, Vancouver


"I seriously recommend this document for all people who want real hard core facts. There is so much conspiracy junk on the internet that sometimes it can create a negative attitude even towards reports which are quite factual and genuine. My best section was the way you approached the debate on whether the coming antichrist world government system will be  driven by the United States of Europe, United states of America, a Re-energized United Nations or an Islamic Alliance."

Ray Martinez, Miramir, Florida

You want a first opportunity to explore unique, well documented, fundamental facts rather than face the speculative amble and indecision by bible prophecy teachers on a massively controversial issue.

If you are interested in getting your hand on hard, uncompromising, evidence then you must Act Now as it may only be a matter of time before we are forced to take the Report off the Site. You need to Know the Truth...Fast!....

Click here for Details of How to Obtain It, Literally in Minutes......

P.S. I promise you, you will not have seen anything as detailed as this report.
P.P.S.  With the report you will also receive an extra 2 FREE additional Massive reports for additional reading including a 30 page report detailing 15 essays from America's top political columnists on the dangers of the obama movement.
P.P.S. Make sure when you download the Reports you also subscribe to the "award winning" Vision Newsletter. A FREE Lifetime monthly insight into the "non mainstream news" which is where the real truth is seen, regarding the transitioning to the New World Order in the next 4 years.

Yours Sincerely


Mel Sanger MSc
Author, The Antichrist Identity Report
Head of the Antichrist Identity (AI) Research Team

Click here for Details of How to Obtain It, Literally in Minutes......


According to Henry Kissinger, the Nobel Peace Prize winner and former secretary of state under President Nixon,

"conflicts across the globe and an international respect for Barack Obama have created the perfect setting for establishment of “a New World Order.”  

Remark in a 2008 interview with CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street” hosts Mark Haines and Erin Burnett at the New York Stock Exchange

Obama New World Order?       Download Antichrist Identity       About Us       Frequently Asked Questions       Terms and Conditions

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Slavery -- "Guilt" as a Jewish Weapon

April 24, 2016

TUBMAN7.jpeg(left. Abolitionist Harriet Tubman is replacing Andrew Jackson on $20 bill)

 Jewish organizations went ballistic when the Nation of Islam documented Jewish domination of the slave trade. Why? Because they blame whites for slavery, while leading blacks to think Jews are their friends. Jewish organizations champion blacks, and all minorities, solely to undermine America's European Christian heritage. They use sexual, religious & racial minorities to dispossess the majority. They're a satanic subversive force and they're largely in control.




Review of The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, vol. 1 (Boston: The Historical Research Department of the Nation of Islam, 1991), 334 pp.



by Andrew Hamilton 

Jews & Slavery: Three Books by the Nation of Islam

(abridged by 



This now-famous book, relying primarily upon the works of mainstream Jewish scholars, demonstrates in meticulous detail and with formidable documentation that Jews were at the very center of the trans-Atlantic slave trade as merchants, financiers, shippers, and insurers. They also sold the products of slave labor on international markets.



The credibility of this underground classic speaks for itself. It relates a fascinating, previously invisible story that every educated American should know about.


According to the Nation of Islam (NOI,) it is a "persistent but mythological claim that Jews were either co-sufferers or innocent bystanders" during the slaveholding era. 


The first third of Secret Relationship surveys the role of Jews in colonial slavery in South America and the Caribbean, the middle third that of slavery in colonial North America and the antebellum South. The final 100 pages consists of an alphabetical list and capsule biographies with extensive footnotes of dozens and dozens of prominent Jews involved in slavery.


Their role was not small. Jews were particularly active outside the present borders of the US in Brazil and the Caribbean.


North American Jews owned black servants and Jewish plantation owners in the South worked their lands with black slaves.


"In 1820," historian Jacob Rader Marcus wrote in 1989, "over 75 percent of Jewish families in Charleston, Richmond, and Savannah owned slaves, employed as domestic servants; almost 40 percent of all Jewish householders in the United States owned one slave or more."


Refuting arguments that US census records confirm only a "modest" level of slaveholding among Jews, the authors point out that Jews were twice as likely as white Americans to own slaves.


In addition, Jewish merchants sold dozens, even hundreds, of slaves at auction, turning over their chattel inventory as rapidly as possible to maximize profits. Brief ownership by slave merchants of this kind is not captured in census records.


Not only were there no protests against slavery by Southern Jews, but very few Jews anywhere in the United States protested slavery on moral grounds.



(left, Louis Farrakhan) 


Today, the Nation of Islam writes, The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews "can be found in the collections of every major academic library, including those of every Ivy League college and university."




Since its publication, the book has given the Jews fits. The ADL devoted a lengthy hit piece to it, and no less than three book-length attacks by Jewish authors have been "laundered" through mainstream publishers including New York University Press and Transaction Publishers. Hostile articles were also planted in scholarly journals.


Supportive white academics like Yale philo-Semite and convert to Judaism David Brion Davis were enlisted in the cause, as was Harvard University's resident Uncle Tom, Henry Louis Gates, Jr.


In a degrading act of self-delegitimation, the American Historical Association (AHA) issued a public statement at the behest of three influential Jewish members condemning any historical account "alleging that Jews played a disproportionate role in the Atlantic slave trade." The AHA statement is frequently cited as "authority" to undermine the legitimacy of the book. In the conventional slavery narrative of academia and the AHA, the Jews of history vanish, replaced solely by Christian and European evildoers....


It is strange that prior to the Nation of Islam's research, those who had studied history and this critical aspect of the impact of the trans-Atlantic slave trade on American society were perfectly content allowing the blame to fall squarely on the shoulders of the White Anglo Saxon Protestants in the South.





The primary purpose of volume two is to elucidate the hidden political, economic, and social influence of Jews in the post-Civil War South between roughly 1860 and 1925.


Their influence was amazingly extensive. A list of Jewish public officials by state, compiled from numerous scholarly sources, covers 9 pages in small print.


Jews were elected to office in the South in surprisingly large numbers. Jewish officeholders helped create and enforce segregation laws.


An abbreviated list of Jewish bankers in the south covers 8 pages. The authors note that the Jewish banking network was not limited to the South, but extended to every region of the continent where Jews settled and opened businesses.



(Judah Benjamin's face appeared on Confederate currency.)


There is extensive discussion of both the Ku Klux Klan and white racist Southern politicians, the attitudes of both toward Jews, and the substantial Jewish role in Southern racism.


This analysis raises intriguing questions about the structure of white racialism.


For example, it is well-known that the original Ku Klux Klan was Freemasonic, philo-Semitic, and welcomed Jews as members. But a persuasive case is made that even the second Klan of the 1920s was not anti-Jewish.


Similarly, several noted racist white politicians are shown to have been either philo-Semites or indifferent to Jewish power (most were philo-Semitic).


Such individuals included US Sen. "Cotton Ed" Smith (D.-S.C.), US Sen. Robert Reynolds (D.-N.C.), Eugene and Herman Talmadge of Georgia, Sen. Theodore Bilbo (D.-Miss.), Democrat Josephus Daniels (anti-black and repulsively philo-Semitic), Sen. Tom Watson (D.-Ga.), Sen. "Pitchfork Ben" Tillman (D.-S.C.), and others.


George Wallace is not mentioned because he falls outside the time period covered by the book, but I am very familiar with his career. He, too, was characteristically anti-black (prior to being crippled by an assassin's bullet) and philo-Semitic.


Clearly, not all white "racists" are necessarily valuable assets to the anti-genocidal cause.


Could such a persistent pattern signify a fundamental divide in the collective consciousness of white people? Perhaps it is fallacious to assume that generic "racism" that warmly embraces (or ignores) Jews on the one hand, and opposition to Jewish power on the other, bear a deep or necessary relationship to one another. They may even work at cross-purposes.


Finally, a major theme of the book is that liens, sharecropping, and other aspects of commercial law in the South facilitated Jewish (and white) economic exploitation of blacks. These, it is maintained, were adaptations of age-old Jewish laws found in the Talmud, which is described as a "business manual for the Jewish people."


At the very least, the economic exploitation of Southern blacks after the Civil War was ruthless and unscrupulous in the extreme.






Jews Selling Blacks: Slave Sale Advertising by American Jews [14] (n.p.: Historical Research Department of the Nation of Islam, 2010), 144 pp.


This companion volume to The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, billed as "the largest collection of Jewish slave-sale ads ever published," is an illustrated collection of 283 ads from American newspapers spanning more than one hundred years.


It shows Jews seeking to buy hundreds of blacks; Jews selling blacks with warranties, bank financing, chasing runaways, selling "wenches," "families," "gangs," "infants"; and Jews selling entire plantations, slaves and all. The Jews in question were leaders of synagogues and upstanding founding fathers of today's American Jewish community.


A brief YouTube promo for the book  notes that "The largest Gentile slave dealer was Franklin & Armfield . . . but they only operated in the South for 8 years. Jewish slave dealers operated in every place slavery existed . . . North America, South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa--for 400 years."


The black scholars who wrote these invaluable books, while not friends of the white man and partisans of their own people, for the most part display admirable objectivity, coupled with a determination to view the historical record in its entirety and full complexity. They could easily have taken the safe, conventional route of repeating anti-white slurs and ignoring the Jewish role entirely. But they did not.


These fascinating works bring to light facts about Jews and blacks that are necessary for non-Jews to understand in order to view this key facet of history in proper perspective.


The books are partial antidotes to prevailing academic and media lies--and corking good reads besides!




Illuminati Jewish plan for racial strife by championing blacks 

Minister Farrakhan on the Illuminati, The Secret Relationship Between Blacks & Jews, & U.S. History   (start at 4.15)

Jewish groups attempted to force Farrakhan to denounce book 


 Minister Farrakhan - "If you want to be written into history as a good or great person, you have to go down in history as a friend of the Jewish people"....


Minister Farrakhan noted that in the meeting, the Rabbis etc demanded that they would keep an eye on Minister Farrakhan and his colleagues for a protracted period of time before they would consider him as a friend of the Jews...and he must denounce the book.....Minister replied - I want us to be friends but with the greatest respect, your people, the Jews, have done more evil to our people, than we have done to you maybe WE (the black people) have to keep an eye on YOU for a protracted period of time before we accept your friendship, and then he explains that he will renounce the book if the Jewish leaders would renounce as incorrect the work of the Jewish scholars which the book was based upon.."


History Professor Tony Martin (1942-2013) blacklisted for merely teaching this book.  His account of Jewish role in slave trade. His account of how Jews revictimized him after enslaving his forefathers. 


David Livingstone --  Louis Farrakhan, Nation of islam, Freemasonry and Scientology 


References and footnotes with original article. 







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Dan said (April 24, 2016):

I've never heard any say that any incarnation of the KKK was "philo-Semitic, and welcomed Jews as members". Read the case of Leo Max Frank - the president of the Atlanta chapter of the B'nai B'rith who was convicted of the rape/murder of 13 year old Mary Phagen one Saturday at his pencil factory in 1913.

This is the historic event as a matter of fact the prompted the founding of the ADL. Such pressure was brought to bear that Georgia Governor John M. Slaton commuted Frank's sentence in 1915, when his conviction was upheld to the US Supreme Court. This was the incident that prompted the resurrection of the Ku Klux Klan.
The "Knights of Mary Phagan" kidnapped Frank from prison in Marietta Georgia and lynched him.

I haven't read The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, but any claim that the KKK was 'philo-Semitic' is just plain wrong. The Klan didn't even accept Irish Catholics.

The 'philo-Semitic' enemies of black Americans I know of are "white liberals", Planned Parenthood, ACORN, Black LIves Matter, the Boule, the music industry, and most of ALL the DEMOCRAT PARTY.

Robert K said (April 24, 2016):

People raised in and educated by a system tend to conceive of it as being normal. Probably many black slaves in the USA didn't conceive of a life very different from the one they grew up in. Nothing is different today. The vast majority of people are wage slaves in a system that is not inherent in the nature of things but, rather, designed and imposed.

This explains how the transformation of productivity through the application of automation and robotics can result in increased stress and insecurity for people, instead of an increasingly free and prosperous lifestyle. The control is exercised through the money system: money is required in order to live, and in order to get money people must kowtow to others in hierarchies, both private and public. Instead of the financial system releasing individuals, which is its proper function and could easily be done (and at an accelerating pace concomitant with the progress of technology), the power-mongers who operate it have fashioned it to be a means of control. Sadly, most of the slaves swallow the propaganda constantly streaming from government mouthpieces, media sheets and screens, and academic prostitutes to the effect that the "authorities" are really "doing the best they can in difficult circumstances".

JG said (April 24, 2016):

The WASP power base in America was the biggest threat to NWO Communism in the entire world until it was systematically dismantled beginning with the cultural Marxist Revolution of America in the late 1960's.

The prosperity of the White American population made them easy prey for the "guilt psy-op" of slavery which 99% of the whites had no direct role in.

They guilt they carried, if any, was for succeeding in life and building a strong family unit that resided in it's once crime free communities. Somehow they were successfully convinced to carry the guilt for the failure of others. This was the beginning of the doctrine of 'political correctness' that was intended to destroy them.

The Jews may have been broker's in the American slave trade but the blacks were sold into slavery by their own nation first.

It really doesn't matter much anymore because the WASPS have little left to give as we all watch America collapse a little more each day. America, as a nation, has lost the good fight.

Alfred said (April 24, 2016):

Some of the earliest Marxist propaganda specifically states using the Negro as a wedge against the United States This kind of subversion has been planned since the beginning of last century. Divide and conquer is a valuable tool for the elites.

Below -- Holocaust Born in Washington (scroll down)

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The Dying Art of Femininity

April 23, 2016



Beautiful women are a dime a dozen but feminine women are extremely rare. 


Femininity is a gentle tender quality found in a woman's appearance, manner and nature. A feminine woman gives the impression of softness and delicateness. She has a spirit of sweet submission, and a dependency upon men for their care and protection. Nothing about her appears masculine, no male aggressiveness, competence, efficiency, fearlessness, strength, or the ability to kill her own snakes." Helen Andelin, Fascinating Womanhood p. 247



Femininity is based on a woman making husband, 

children and home her first priority.  

Her self sacrifice is the way that love comes into the world. 

So the Satanists taught women to seek fulfillment in careers instead.



"By cultivating in all a sense of self-importance, we shall destroy among the goyim the importance of the family and its educational value...In this way we shall create a blind mighty force which will never be in a position to move in any direction without the guidance of our agents..." (Protocol 10-5)




I am becoming more conscious of psychological dislocation caused by the occult assault on gender and the nuclear family.  Masculine and feminine energy complement each other. We naturally crave that essence which is best found in marriage and conjugal sex. Destroy masculine and feminine and you undermine this fundamental yin-yang. Society is simply oblivious to this pernicious attack by its traitorous elite. 


By Henry Makow, Ph.D

(Update from Jan. 2013)

Helen Andelin's Fascinating Womanhood (1963) is subversive to the New World Order because it upholds the inherent difference between the sexes and the basic laws governing marriage.

Such a book would never be published today. It is only available because it appeared 53 years ago and sold more than 2 million copies.


If you have any doubt about your sexual identity, I recommend Fascinating Womanhood. It is pertinent for men as well as women. I also recommend Andelin's Fascinating Girl for single women and her husband's Man of Steel and Velvet for men.

I'm not saying you should treat this model as gospel or that it's for everyone. For eg. Andelin implies women should reward men with sex. That seems dated and I told her so. My comment was met with a frosty silence!

Nevertheless, the book represents a timeless heterosexual paradigm that works. Every couple is different. Choose what is relevant to you and chuck the rest.

Femininity and masculinity are an art like playing the piano. They must be learned. We have to know the basics before we can improvise.

People are very malleable. Society is the target of a long-term hate campaign designed to degrade and discredit heterosexuality. Domestic violence and rape are highlighted to make women fear men, reject femininity and become masculine. The destruction of the family has always been the goal of the financial elite in order to control people. (See "The Illuminati Program") I will elaborate below.



Andelin, (1920-2009), says a woman's happiness depends on her husband's lifelong devotion and love. This book teaches women how to be attractive to men, how to be feminine.

helen.jpgAndelin writes that women don't have to be beautiful to be feminine. "Acquire a feminine manner by accentuating the differences between yourself and men, not the similarities. Since the masculine manner is strong firm and heavy, yours should be gentle, delicate and light. Apply this in the way you walk, talk, use your hands and carry yourself." (256)


I can still remember how a girl I knew closed a kitchen cupboard with a motion of her hips. This happened 46 years ago when I was 20!

When Andelin writes that a feminine woman is never "crude, vulgar, harsh, overbearing or critical," it is apparent that the fair sex is being deliberately degraded and neutered by the media. "All your conversation should reflect tenderness, patience, forgiveness, tolerance and love."

A wife's first priority is her husband and then her children. Thus a single woman will consecrate herself for her future husband and children as much as possible. She will not be promiscuous.

Wives tend to put career, friends, parents, success and appearance before their husbands. "If you are a successful career woman, keep your priorities straight," Andelin writes. "Let your husband know by words and actions that he is number one." (95)

The woman's primary role is to be wife, mother and homemaker. The man's role is to be guide, protector and provider. This doesn't mean women can't have careers or men can't cook or change a diaper.

A man needs to feel that he is needed, and that he excels his woman in his role. If she becomes independent, he may question his purpose and his feelings for her "since his romantic feelings partly arise from her need to be protected, sheltered and cared for." (102)

A woman should accept her husband at face-value and not try to change him. His pride and freedom are inviolable. She should focus on his good qualities and he will improve naturally in response to her.

Reactions to Andelin are either very positive or very negative. One minister wrote on Amazon:" I have given approximately 250 copies of this book to women I have counseled in the past 5 years. In this period of time, I have yet to see ANY of them NOT improve their marriage by working on what they bring to the marriage, as an individual and to the whole."

Many women find the book outdated and laughable. One contentious point is that Andelin advises wives to adopt a childlike petulance when upset with their husband. A lot of women find this demeaning. But in practice, most men will respond positively when their authority is not directly challenged.

Andelin may be outdated at times but she has the basic principles right; it's up to us to adapt them.

Beautiful women are a dime a dozen but feminine women are extremely rare. The world suffers the loss of feminine spiritual qualities: trust, modesty, grace, innocence, serenity, tenderness, patience and love. This is behind the male obsession with pornographic sex. Men unconsciously seek femininity and love to balance them. The restless masculine spirit seeks a calm harbor.

Young women don't realize that men find purity and innocence very attractive. Conversely they are repelled by tough, jaded, experienced women. The willingness of women today to be promiscuous often can be counter productive.


Men and women are the victims of a cruel hoax. They are taught that sexual differences are "socially conditioned." Ironically this lie is the actual "social conditioning". Sexual differences are inborn. For example, males have ten times the level of testosterone as women, and this determines their willingness to take risks, etc. Sex roles express natural differences and form the spice of life.

ftGCtMr.jpgFeminism's Marxist principles of "equality" do not apply to loving heterosexual relationships and are in fact toxic. As I often say, heterosexual marriage is based on the exchange of female worldly power for male power expressed as love. Equal power neuters both sexes.


Our leaders are accomplices to this monstrous hoax. Behind them are the private central bankers who print our currency in the form of a debt to them. They need a world government so no country can default on it. They need a dictatorship so the people cannot end this scam. They need to stunt our natural development by fostering gender confusion so we can be controlled.

The elitists present women's liberation as if a cherished housewife were the same as a concentration camp inmate. They present this vicious psychological assault as "progress," when in fact it is subversion on a grand scale.

Ladies, where do you think feminism came from? It was organized by the US Communist Party, the CIA and the elite media, all instruments of the central bankers. It is funded by the Rockefeller Foundation.

This weekend yet another movie opens about a woman who is a violent killer. "Domino" is the story of a female bounty hunter. The real-life inspiration for this story Domino Harvey died recently of a drug overdose or murder. No wonder young women are confused! Where do they see wives and mothers presented in a positive light? Women are always harried, arguing with men and running off to work.

I get email from feminists who say my articles are "hurtful." It's eerie how they all use that word and repeat the party line. I think it's "hurtful" that the super rich want to take the place of God and nature and enslave humanity. But these feminists don't get it. They don't get "A"'s for connecting feminism with the Rockefellers, Sept. 11 and Iraq, i.e. NWO Central Banker Dictatorship.

Feminism is designed to make women feel unworthy for devoting their lives to the people they love. It forces them out of the house where their employers can control them. It forces infants into joyless day cares subject to conditioning and who-knows-what-else .

I would never stand between anyone and their idea of fulfillment. But ladies, don't be so gullible! You're being defrauded of a lifetime of love. Have your careers later but don't forfeit your femininity and your chance to have a family.


Related - Makow - Men Must Champion Feminine Women (What is Feminine?)

Makow- It's OK to be a Woman!     and  Feminism Can be Cured (if Diagnosed Early)

Fascinating Woman Website and Documentary 

Another review of Fascinating Womanhood


515BMKKWTAL._AA160_.jpgTwo Great Books on Biological Gender Differences


First Comment from William:

In the professional setting I am immersed in - women want to land a financially successful husband so they can precisely do this. Have children, make home a priority, and have an interested father to their kids. They have careers - but if the husband is wealthy enough it becomes secondary to what they truly like to do - manage the home, social life, children, etc. 

Having a career, education, and something to do outside of the home is important for a married woman, I truly believe this. But women themselves, i'm finding, only want this as a secondary compartment to their primary desire - children and a family. 

But I believe the propaganda is only successful because men simply do not have financial means anymore to offer this. Thats the real problem. Every "career oriented" woman I know, and I know a lot, secretly ADORE the idea of being able to make home and family #1. You'll always have outliers, but for the majority of women this holds.




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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

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David said (April 24, 2016):

Henry, this was never truer than it is today. Feminism as you have documented was a Trojan horse to get women out of the home and into the workplace, where they can be regulated, taxed and worked to death like any man who has been trapped in a 9-to-5 regimen to support and shelter a family knows.

Feminism always was a stealth weapon to destroy the nuclear family. Among its arsenal were false rape charges (a "good thing for men to go through" in the words of one activist), family courts that strip men of their flesh-and-blood offspring, and divorce courts that have actually brought back the debtor prisons of ancient European regimes, which the New World attempted to throw off over 200 years ago.

Kurt said (April 23, 2016):

My wife, who has worked most of her life, told me all she ever wanted to do was raise a family and tend to the home. She has two well adjusted children from a former marriage and her daughter is a stay at home mother with a supportive husband. She thinks most women from her era (she’s 68) feel this way, however many of the younger ones she works with, less so.

This made me think about the chickens my brother raised for many years. He had a device to warm and turn the eggs in order to hatch new chicks. When I asked why the hen that laid them didn’t do that, he that said years of selective breading had diminished the ‘broodiness’ of hens, which is a term for sitting and hatching the eggs.
Perhaps this is what our overseers have in mind for the human race.

Art said (April 23, 2016):

I remember that during the 70s & 80s hippie era, androgynous faggots were finding more favour with women.

I used to weep at this, as the outcome was inevitable. Another wasted relationship, & a disorientated woman.

Yin Yang has to be balanced. Women are compensating for an oversupply of yin men, I think.

Western foods are poisonously yin.

Tony said (April 23, 2016):

I disagree on one statement in this article, which I must pass on anyway, it is so needed.

You say that femininity and masculinity have to be learned. I have seen that they are inborn but are insidiously unlearned. I worked at a U.S. government school for over ten years and watched the boys treated as criminals for being boys and the girls turned into spoiled brats that could get away with anything - so they did. Plus from day one the girls were told they are all "superwoman" and, unlike boys, can do anything and everything regardless of reality. Unfortunately, the government backs them up with this lie as much as possible.

It was impossible not to notice that the girls "advanced" by grade from natural sweet femininity to overbearing, self-centred and otherwise thoughtless shallow-minded brats.


Thanks for making my point Tony. Gender is innate but it has to be nurtured by culture and example.


Art said (April 23, 2016):

I remember that during the 70s & 80s hippie era, androgynous faggots were finding more favour with women.

I used to weep at this, as the outcome was inevitable. Another wasted relationship, & a disorientated woman.

Yin Yang has to be balanced. Women are compensating for an oversupply of yin men, I think.

Western foods are poisonously yin.

Pat said (April 23, 2016):

f men would really cherish and protect - then it works. But as long as men are domineering and abusive, it doesn't. I think women have it much harder than before. Working women today have to work at a job and doing most of the housework as well.

Diane said (April 23, 2016):

Great article and so true. One issue that I don't hear much is how the feminization of men comes into play. Feminism has made the woman's art of selfless love for family undervalued and even looked down upon. Also, now feminized young men are tuning into "nurturers" : they are taking on Mommy roles instead of protector roles. Some even compete with their wives. This creates insecurity and imbalance in the family.
Feminism has made men so much different, not like the strong protective fathers when I was growing up.

Marcos said (January 6, 2013):

Feminism is very successful because it targets two of the most powerful feminine weaknesses: restlessness and imagination. Men have no idea of the amount of nervous energy that dissatisfaction can release on women, because men respond to problems in a very different way, usually by going to their caves and withdrawing inside themselves.

By pumping unrealistic fantasies and discontent every day through the media and schools, feminism generates such a raw, biological reaction that most women will drive themselves and others crazy by trying to solve this disconnection, the cognitive dissonance between what they live and what they are told they should be enjoying.

That's why most women today wear a "toughness armor" and seems to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Women need to trust men in order to feel well. They can't, for several real and imagined reasons, and what we get is the war between sexes of today.

Below - Apology to a Young Woman for Noticing Her (scrol down)

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Holocaust Born in Washington DC

April 22, 2016


(Passengers on SS St. Louis. Jews are also pawns in the illuminati game.) 

The holocaust was engineered by Illuminati Jews 
 in Washington DC to justify the creation of Israel
 and replace Christ's martyrdom  
as the central metaphor of divine sacrifice.
The "Chosen People" are to replace the Messiah.


In 1938-39, just before Europe erupted in an inferno for Jews, all the exits were sealed shut. 
The Nazis allowed Jews to leave, but no country allowed them to enter.



by Henry Makow Ph.D.
(from April 14, 2013)

In May 1939, the passenger liner "St. Louis" carrying 900 German Jewish refugees was turned away from Havana. The passengers'  costly tourist visas had been revoked by Cuban authorities. The liner lingered near the coast of Florida but FDR refused to let it dock. Reluctantly, the ship returned to Europe where the refugees were divided among four Allied countries, of which three were soon overrun.

The image of unwanted Jews was seared into the collective Jewish psyche. It argued the necessity of a homeland in Israel as insurance against anti-Semitism. Millions of Jews devoted their money and lives to wresting Israel from its rightful owners and building a Jewish sanctuary there. Millions of non-Jews were recruited to this cause. World peace has hung in the balance ever since. 

FDR famously said nothing in history happens by accident. Given what we know about Jewish power, it is impossible to believe these refugees were not admitted. This gruesome spectacle was staged to manipulate Jews, and give them a kind of moral impunity, is repugnant to consider. 

perl-1.jpgA book, "The Holocaust Conspiracy"  (1989)  shows how Allied and neutral governments ensured that most Jews would remain in Europe and would die. The author William R. Perl argues that  a parallel Nuremberg Trial is necessary for "those leading figures in the Allied and neutral camps" who "knowingly and willingly co-operated in the German annihilation scheme." (34)

William Perl (1906-1998) was not some armchair conspiracy theorist like me.  He was a lawyer in Vienna in the 1930's who helped organize illegal transits to Palestine  for the Revisionist Zionists.  He negotiated with Adolf Eichmann face-to-face; and after the war, he prosecuted Nazi war criminals.

In this book, Perl argues that the Jewish holocaust was part of an international conspiracy. But of course, he didn't understand that the perpetrators were "the Illuminati,"  the highest rung of Freemasonry empowered by the world central banking cartel.  Their goal is to create a world government tyranny dedicated to Lucifer with its capital in Jerusalem.

Holocaust means "burned offering." By what logic can we call this genocide a "sacrifice"?  By Illuminati logic of course! They sacrificed Jews to hoodwink the world into establishing a Masonic state in Israel. The design of the Israeli Supreme Court is proof that this is exactly what has transpired. Modern Israel was Masonic from its conception.


 William Perl states that there were "deliberate, concerted steps to thwart rescue actions...not only by individuals in power but by governments." He says this failure to rescue was more than a simple lack of action but a "deliberate  set of actions bound to ensure the success of the German annihilation plans." While this seems "unbelievable," he says the documents available make this conclusion "not only logical but inescapable." (16)

For example, Morgenthau's Treasury Dept. investigated the State Department and identified a half dozen top officials it described as "an American underground to let the Jews be killed." The report was especially critical of John J. McCloy, assistant Secretary of War, who later became the Rockefeller's lawyer, the President of the World Bank and a member of the Warren Commission. Yes children, he was Illuminati.

Perl says that next to the Nazis, the British "carry the heaviest guilt" for the Jewish holocaust because they fought tooth and nail to block the escape route to Palestine. In fact, the first person killed by the British in WW2 was a Jewish refugee on the vessel "Tiger Hill."

Now you ask, if the Rothschilds control England, and wanted to set up a national home for Jews, why wouldn't England let all these Jews go to Israel? The answer is that this action would demonstrate to Jews that they didn't need a state and didn't need to become the lethal weapon they have become in the hands of the Rothschilds.

The Soviets were supposed to be a Jewish front. But Perl also blames the USSR. Information was tightly controlled in Russia. The  Soviets  did nothing  to warn the  Jews of what they could expect from the Nazis.  (In his biography  of Hitler, John Toland describes Jews in the Ukraine greeting the Nazis as saviors.)

Just to illustrate the transnational nature of the Illuminati, in Feb 1942, a Soviet submarine torpedoed the "Struma" a disabled cattle boat crammed with 760 Romanian Jewish refugees. There was one survivor. Why this gratuitous murder of Jews? More souls sacrificed for the Luciferian New World Order capital.

The Allies also blocked Nazi attempts to ransom Jews and calls to bomb the concentration camps, although factories five miles from Auschwitz were demolished in 1944. In all this, the Allies were supported by the  Zionist establishment, which is directed by the Illuminati.


History teaches that the Illuminati consists of Satan-loving Jews and non-Jews; and exploits and kills anyone who doesn't fit into its plan for a Luciferian NWO.  Think of the victims of 9-11 or Hiroshima or the 80 million casualties of the World Wars.

At first glance, Israel would be a prime candidate for a repeat of the Jewish holocaust as most Israelis probably don't see themselves in Masonic NWO terms.

Fellow Winnipegger Barry Chamish is the leading exponent of the view that the Illuminati, through its CFR arm, controls Israel and intends to spare Jerusalem, but sacrifice the  rest to  its ultimate goal. 

His scenario is plausible given Master Mason Albert Pike's prescription for three world wars, the last resulting in the destruction of political Zionism and Islam.

In Europe, the Muslim invasion serves a double purpose. It dilutes and destroys European national cultures, an Illuminati Jewish goal, while making Jews seems like the victim of Muslim "anti Semitism" at the same time. Jews need only worry if "Christians" and Muslims were to unite.

In America,  the Jewish role bears a remarkable resemblance to  their position in the Weimar Republic. Their role in government, culture and the economy is well out of proportion to their numbers. As witting and unwitting tools of the Illuminati, they are seen by many as undermining Christian and American interests.

Pastor Chuck Baldwin  made the comparison with Jesus and the "moneychangers."  "It is too bad that today's pastors and Christians do not share Jesus' disdain for the current generation of moneychangers, because it is the moneychangers who are in the process of destroying these United States of America--and our pastors and Christians either do not see it, or, if they do see it, do not seem to care."

Americans, like the Germans before them, are not anti Semitic by nature. The economic situation in Germany had to deteriorate before Hitler could come to power. The real question is, does the Illuminati have anything to gain from an attack on Jews?

In the short term, as long as they need Zionists to control America, no. But as the New World Order becomes more onerous, and the position of Americans more perilous, the Illuminati (i.e. Cabalists, Freemasons) may be happy to use Jews as their scapegoats once again. After all, pawns are made to be sacrificed.


Note: If you are a holocaust minimizer, we both agree it was a political psy-op. We just disagree on the numbers. Do not write to me. Here is my position.

Moreover I believe Hitler was created by the Illuminati.

Compare the article above with this review of a new book "FDR & the Jews"  which portrays FDR, an Illuminati Jew, as a Christian, and whitewashes his role in the holocaust.
Related- Banker Plot to Remove FDR Was a Ruse
------------ Did Kissinger Really Say -No israel in 10 Yrs?




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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

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James C said (April 23, 2016):

In my opinion, nearly everything we were ever told concerning World Wars I and II is a lie. We've had 70 years of one-sided anti-German propaganda. The only Jew who ever told the truth concerning the real origin of the Holocaust was Benjamin H. Freedman. Freedman laid the blame for the Holocaust squarely on the shoulders of the Zionists. He said they gave us World Wars I and II, and will give us World War III. The Zionists are behind all of the present conflict in the Middle East, which will inevitably lead to the next world war.

JG said (April 23, 2016):

In order to accept the present politically approved version of the 'holocaust' one would have to believe that the forces of International Jewry from the period of Hitler's rise and fall were powerless and therefore unable to intervene on what was happening inside of Nazi Germany.

International Jewry has been an influential and active player in world politics for hundreds of years. To believe that they temporarily lost their "political clout" to rescue or defend Jews around the world during the rise of Hitler and fascism would appear to be trivial.

A bigger chess game could very well have been going on that would explain innocent people being used as pawns during wartime to achieve a political end.

Dan said (April 23, 2016):

On the question "could it happen again?", I presume that means 'in Europe', I must ask "who are Jews in Europe afraid of? Is it the alarming rise in aggressive Muslims in Europe, or are they more afraid of Europeans?

Glen said (April 22, 2016):

Over time I have learned that what I have been taught as "history" is in fact nothing more than "his story". Those of us who take interest in such matters soon find that is the victors who write the history. I find the story of the world wars and all the national leaders to be prime examples of this.

With that in mind I would like to share this video by Jim Condit Jr. entitled "The Final Solution To Adolf Hitler". As Jim states, he is not sure who will be more offended, the ADL or the Arian Nation. It is a lengthy video weighing in at close to two and a half hours but well worth the listen. Jim reads from tons of documents to make his point that I think is very close to Henry's. I hope all will take the time to watch it.

James said (April 16, 2013):

Of course, the Germans had no love for the Jews after they betrayed Germany so badly in WW1. Read Benjamin Freedman about that. And of course the Germans didn't spare Jews from the slaughter by all the methods you mentioned, except one, and that is gassing. There are very authoritative, scientific studies about the non-existence of gas-chambers... Rudolf, Butz, Zuendel, Faurisson, Graf, Mattogno and many more.

Of course Jews died at the hands of Germans, and not only a few. They were after all the most special and subversive enemy the Germans had. Perhaps they were even specially targetted. But they didn't die in gas chambers. They died in what can be termed ordinary warfare, albeit a very brutal one.

But ordinary war victims didn't do for the Zionists, they wanted something special. So they came up with the 6 million myth (which they had used already in WW1) and the gas chambers, which are totally debunked today. Auschwitz and the 6 million are debunked but are the two corner stones of the "holocaust". Without Auschwitz + 6 million there is no holocaust. The term holohoax is correct, because it was just another scam in aid of the creation of the masonic state of Israel.


Thanks Jim

My view is that the Nazis wouldn't round up Jewish children, sick and elderly as they did, just to feed and house them out of the goodness of their hearts.


Henrique said (April 15, 2013):

I think that after these people at the top made anything involving Jews to be always an emotional volcano, yes, they're gonna capitalize on it as much as they can to push the agenda. What better way to scandalize the world and shock the masses ( specially in the West ) than touching the Jews? After all they are "the chosen people" and Christo-Zionism is on the rise everywhere.

I look at the evangelical boom in Brazil and see semi analphabets waving the flag of Israel inside their churches, over-emphasizing the Old Testament ( they rarely even mention the Gospels anymore ) and mentioning "terrorism" all the time. It's all being set for a cataclysm there it seems, and, as I said before, it will come as a shock, at the same time turning the world upside down and keeping the fanatics fanatic, willing to die for their fairy tales.

JV said (April 15, 2013):

Most ethnic ruling cliques use their own ethnics first, and then move on to rule and abuses of others .

The 'illuminati' are the ruling clique that rules Jews, but they are not a 'formal government', and so, effectively, they are an ethnic criminal organization like the what the Mafia is to New York Italians, where the Mafia has more control than the US government over the Italian community.

What differentiates the illuminati from other ethnic ruling cliques is 'global reach' which they got via grafting into the body of the British-American Empire.

All ethnic groups need to realize that their ruling clique is not like themselves. People need to stop worshipping their rulers, ... but they won't.

Marcos said (April 15, 2013):

According to the Bible, there is not much doubt that the coming antiChrist will persecute and kill Jews and Christians.
The opinion of the majority of Bible scholars is that Jews will receive antiChrist as their Messiah:
Jesus said:

John 5:43
I have come in my Father’s name, and you (Jews) do not accept me; but if someone else (AntiChrist) comes in his own name, you will accept him.

The book of Daniel is also pretty clear about AntiChrist signing a pact with the Jews. However, he will betray those Jews, who will probably be dismayed when they see the blasphemies he will perform.Two-thirds of the Jews will be killed by him, and a remnant (who will accept Jesus) will be protected by God. The New World Order religion will be black magik, not Judaism.

We have to understand that Lucifer's dream is to mock God and be worshipped as God, especially by the Jews. That's why secret societies want so much to build a Temple in Jerusalem: because they want to put their leader, AntiChrist, on the throne of God.

There is a very thorough article about Hitler being a type of AntiChrist, and the similitude between the WWII holocaust and the coming one, that is worth reading:

Brazil Update from Marcos: The criminals will not leave in peace.

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April 15, 2016

unnamed (73).jpg
(left, Small dolls of Ex-President Lula in prison garb are being sold at street corners) 

Brazil Update from Marcos April 20: 


Greenwald has been chosen to lead Dilma's defense in the international press.

Also, Dilma has gathered again leftist journalists from the global press to say she is victim of a Coup, when she has violated 7 laws that the Constitution says are basis for impeachment.  A marxist journalist from Brazilian newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo (a newspaper that receives lots of money from the government) is also writing for the NYT. 

Dilma will go to the UN to speak and play the victim. It is an amazing Coup this one, when she is comfortable leaving the position in the hands of the Coup's mastermind, the Vice President, knowing that she will be back to her chair when she returns from abroad. Her claim is pathetic. 

It has been disclosed this week  that Dilma appointed a judge to the STJ Court especially to free a billionaire from prison, so he would not accept a plea bargain and denounce her. This is crime of obstruction of justice. Also, the Party has paid a fortune to the family of a former Petrobras director who is in jail, so he won't denounce Dilma. Another crime. 

Meanwhile, Lula, Falcão (the Party's president) and the Mayor of Sao Paulo have met with the leaders of two terrorist groups to set Brazil on fire. One if MST, the group that invades and destroys farms, killing the owner and animals, and the other MTST, which is the urban counterpart, invading real estate in cities, blocking avenues with burning tires, etc. 

We will find out this week if Lula will go to jail. Brazil is living its worst crisis in half a century, and Dilma behaves like Nero playing the lyre watching Rome burn. 
PS---​Dilma will leave for NY tomorrow and will return ​on Sunday. The decision about Lula's right to be a minister will be made today (Insiders say he will have his claim denied). It means he will be arrested soon.

People are saying that this is a trap. It really smells bad, it is not Dilma's style to leave the office.  The commies will start protests and violence, and Temer (the VP) will have to take some strong action to keep the country safe, maybe mobilize Police or the Army to suppress violence, unblock highways, etc. Then the marxists will be able to say he is indeed working on a Coup.

Let's see.



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My Muslim Neighbors Are Great! from B

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My Muslim Neighbors Are Great!  from B

Today I had an emergency that required a licensed electrician.     Two Lebanese men came and spent at least one hour dealing with my problem in my very old house which was built in 1927.   It could have been expensive and he knew I was worried about the cost.

When it came time to settle I asked him how much and he said: "you have a horse in the basement".  WHAT?  I couldn't understand him because his accent was so heavy.  I thought he must have meant "hose" but no.  We were really struggling with my inability to understand.  Finally he went down stairs and took a photo on his phone and showed me.   He was talking about a toy rocking horse that had been down there for years.  He said he wanted it for his child.

I told him; "yes, of course you may have it but how much do I owe you for the work?"

He would take no money, just the toy.    

Believe me when I tell you, that made my day and I can't seem to stop smiling.

This is not the first time something like this has happened in my dealings with Arabs here in Dearborn.   Indeed this is typical of my experience with my Arab neighbors,  Christian or Muslim and in my opinion it speaks volumes.

People are basically the same everywhere.

This is the "truth" that people need to hear.

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April 12, 2016

images (26).jpegGOLD - HAS THE WORM TURNED? 


If gold does not fall back over the summer we could see 1500 test sometime in the next year. 12-18 mos. It really depends on what we see over the normally quiet summer months for gold. May-mid July is normally bearish for gold. We will see.

Several factors are working for gold right now, including:

1) The USFed is tying to cap the dollar's rise and quell the international ramifications from a rising dollar. A lot of foreigners took out loans/mortgages in USD to save on interest costs, but are having a hard time paying them. The Fed is now talking down the US economy in hopes it can keep the Fed Funds rate as low as possible for as long as possible. They hope this will provide the global currency markets time to calm down.

2) The US presidential elections have become a dog-and-pony show. Investors are wondering what is going on with the US government and its election process.

3) Stock market volatility.

4) The buyers of gold - They include well connected hedge funds, sovereign funds, and the people I consider the remnants of the Daddy Bush Cabal. This is a change from the past. These people are in the know and help to shape the direction of the globe. They aren't just the Ackmans and Paulsons of the world. I have noticed that we are seeing a gradual shift in who is buying gold.

Henry, The USFed should have been raising rates since 2012-2013, and they should be 150 bps higher. But the Fed's hands are tied as it is trying to pursue international objectives - something it isn't designed to perform.

This is why the US stock market is doing well, considering all the talk of collapse. There are Dow stocks with +3% dividend yields. XOM is yielding 3.5%. This is more than the US long bond. If short term rates continue to stay this low, we could easily see the Dow cross 20,000 with the next 18 months.

You and I both know the election process is supposed to look like a sham, so the US increasingly looks like a backwater dictatorship. We can go on and on about the NWO agenda. We agree on this. Your articles continually point out these sobering truths. 

I have to believe the USFed knows it is in the process of creating a huge stock market bubble. These people are much more intelligent than we are, so they cannot be that obtuse. I can see the politicians talking stock market bubble and forcing the USFed to react by raising rates. They did this in 2005 to deflate the real estate bubble. We all know how that ended. Gold started rising and crossed 450 in the summer of 2005 in anticipation of what was to come.

Bottom line. Gold here is rising in anticipation of what is to come. The smart people are buying. It could fall back during the summer, but unless the governments of the world outlaw or restrict gold ownership or tax it, etc. I see no reason why it can't continue to rise.

Just a word of caution -  the large commercials (JPM, GS, C) have huge short positions and have continued to build their shorts over the past couple months.

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