‘I’    Conclusion-better off out  .[of EU]


To conclude, we ‘Euro-sceptics’ love the real Europe, the Europe of separate democracies, each with its glorious history and culture.  But we fear the Project of European Union, which we see as a bad idea.  It is a bad idea like slavery, communism and high rise flats. 


We must not forget the damage, which ideas can do when they become generally accepted, but turn out to be wrong. I don’t know if you heard of the letter written by a young White Russian officer in 1918 to his fiancée from the front against the Bolsheviks:


“ Oh, my darling! Please do not worry.  In a few weeks I shall be home with you in Moscow, and we shall be married.  These people are not very well armed, and their ideas are even worse.”

A few days later he was killed, so he was wrong about their arms.  But he turned out to be right about the ideas, which inspired Soviet Communism.  It is that it took 70 years and 50 million lives to prove his point.


Let’s hope the EU doesn’t end up as quite such a dangerous idea as that.  With any luck it will start to decay from within, if we have the energy to understand it, expose it, and fight it.


There is nothing right –wing, negative, frightening or extreme about leaving the EU and keeping our hard-won right to govern ourselves.  As the fourth biggest economy in the world, as its third largest trading nation, (9)

and as a major military power, leaving the EU would be a liberating, refreshing, positive, modern thing to do. And we would be much richer as well!


Malcolm Pearson                 

October 2004.


NB. Official figures and Briefing Notes  from impeccable sources


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