PR - YES!!!

AV - NO!!!


In the Daily Mail of Tuesday,September14-2010-Letters-

'Vote for change

by a reader from Henley-on Thames R.R.

'THE HOT AIR being genertaed about the proposed alternative vote system id a red herring because AV does nothing to address the biggest injustice of all-the imbalance between votes cast and seats won.

In practice, AV sometimes gives even more bizarre results than out much-maligned F-P-T-Post.

This debate shoud be about which


to choose:

the GERMAN and NEW ZEALAND model

which is pretty good,

or the even better single transferable vote(STV) used in


STV is very practical as it doesn't lead to the election of lots of smaller parties; at the same time,STV leads the way as the most


UNFORTUNATELY, politicians are driven by the LUST FOR POWER and STV puts TOO! MUCH! of THIS POWER into the hands of the ELECTORS.  Which is why they are trying to seduce us with the



AV '


[We have made a few alterations in font-etc]

Daily Mail, TUESDAY,Septemnber 14,2010


Library of Parliament *
  [Adobe PDF]What types of proportional representation systems exist? ... Proportional. Germany, Italy, Mexico, New. Zealand, Scotland, Wales. Proportional results ... - Proxy - Highlight - 1 more top result from this site

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Proportional representation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ******
Proportional systems typically use political parties as the measure of representation. ... all of which offer a form of semi-proportional representation (SPR) ... - Proxy - Highlight

Proportional Representation Systems *****
Party list voting systems are by far the most common form of proportional representation. Over 80% of the PR systems used worldwide are some form of party list voting. - Proxy - Highlight - 3 more top results from this site

Vote Scotland - Forms of Proportional Representation Used in Scotland *****
Proportional Representation (PR) is the term used to describe a variety of electoral systems that aim to allocate elected members in proportion to the total votes cast. - Proxy - Highlight

Proportional Representation ****
A form of proportional representation was used in the London mayoral election as well. But it has never replaced First-Past-The-Post in British national elections. - Proxy - Highlight

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Not strictly a form of proportional representation, since it cannot guarantee a close relationship between votes and seats, the AV is a system which is simple and can make the ... - Proxy - Highlight

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Other variations include single non-transferable vote (SNTV), cumulative voting and limited bloc voting (LBV), all of which offer a form of semi-proportional representation (SPR). - Proxy - Highlight

Proportional Representation: Democracy For Everyone ***
Proportional representation: how to ensure fair representation of all groups. ... “The principle of Proportional Representation is this: Majority rule, with representation for the electoral minority, in proportion to the way people vote. - Proxy - Highlight

Proportional Representation The Case for Proportional ***
There is no single blueprint for how to implement proportional representation. Some forms of PR are based on voting for candidates, some are based on voting for political parties. - Proxy - Highlight

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There are also electoral systems, single non-transferable vote (SNTV) and cumulative voting, all which offer a variant form of proportional representation. - Proxy - Highlight - 1 more top result from this site

Mixed member proportional representation - Wikipedia, the **
MMP is similar to other forms of proportional representation (PR) in that the overall total of party members in the elected body is intended to ... - Proxy - Highlight

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