NO 6 -CAP trebles COST of FOOD.

An EU Commissioner has suggested that the COST of the Common Agricultural Policy to consumers is even greater than THAT suggested by some eurosceptic critics of the


Dalia Grybauskaite, a Moscow-educated Lithuanian who is Commission for the


told the

Irish Times

" In reality our CAP today is a more protectionist policy than a market-orientated policy and because of this we pay, all of us, all consumers, two to three times more for the food than we would pay without this policy".

Ms Grybauskaite will present a formal Commission proposal outlining her plans to reform the EU BUDGET in 2009.

She said the CAP presented "real issues" in terms of


and that it was only EU policy to fail a series of academic studies recently commissioned by her department to determine whether it produced added value for the citizen.

"Agricultural output or input represents about 5-7 per cent in each member state and we pay about 40% out of the EU BUDGET, Is it proportional" she asked.

[Well the deals were done between Germany and France at the commencement of the formation of the EEC and that included the CAP deal for FRANCE and a commitment by France to support Germany wherever it might lead.  It is again simply a MATTER of HISTORY -it was the price for Germany to pay in order to get the French  a mainly  agricultural country to agree to become as one with Germany on foreign policy and much else. That is WHY with all the promises given by such like as Tony Blair when  he gave back to the EU the 7 BILLION BUDGET REBATE fought for so hard by Mrs Thatcher who threatened to pass a bill through Parliament should the deal not be done. It was no idle threat as a bill was indeed put into the system which made her words her bond and a deal was completed. Why oh! WHY oh! WHY has no government since HER TIME had the courage and drive to do likewise -they would have saved our Fishing Fleets and our Farmers.  Though Bliar stood by his promise, the French reneged on theirs.  In England the greatest landowners have been gathering their greatest harvest of hundreds of thousands of pounds a year- for NOTHING.  It is the same with those large  landowners in the original member states whether -POLITICIANS-MONARCHY- and many others in places of power who benefit simply because they are large landowners. The small farmer has never HAD IT SO BAD.]

Ms Grybauskaite, a former minister of FINANCE in the Lithuanian government, critisised the fact that most CAP payments went to large landowners or businesses rather than small farmers, and said it was unfair that the twelve most recent members of the EU had to co-finance some payments to farmers while the EU '15' benefited from direct EU payments.

[Who are the main beneficiaries of CAP?  They are those with the most influence in the political arena - the rich landowners in the EU 15 whether they are politicians -academics -businesses or monarchies or whoever. We wonder was it a pay-back for their support of the EU.  It is quite a coincidence that those who had the greatest leverage of power are benefiting the most? Or is it!]

An average British family of four are reckoned to spend 100-120 a week on food, according to MySupermarket, a website that monitors prices at the supermarket check-outs. If the EU Budget Commissioner's estimate of the impact of CAP is correct the saving resulting from the abolition of the CAP would be between

40 and 60 a week,


[It is as well to realise that the CFP -Common Fisheries Policy also destroyed our fishing industry and decimated of fishing fleets and handed over our once abundant fishing fields  to others at the increased scarcity and cost to everyone. We have the Arch-traitor Edward Heath to thank for that an unnecessary give-away when negotiating our entry into the EEC as it was known then. He was a Nazi Agent within a spy ring in Balliol College Oxford in 1938  and remained so until his death in 2005 In 2003 he had a embolism when told by his controllers in Austria that the British knew all about his treachery. He died in 2005 from his illness and was accorded a memorial service in Salisbury Cathedral opposite his  home. He left 5,000,000. Members of the German Secret Service BND were there to see him off.] 


eurofacts 28th November,2008




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