The Minister of 'Justice' Mr Straw the 'Nonsense ' man, says Iraq war was legal


 The Iraq War wasn't illegal , Straw insists.


Ian Drury

[Daily Mail-November 19,2008]


JUSTICE Secretary Jack Straw yesterday insisted the decision to go to war in Iraq was


-despite the doubts raised by the former Lord Chief Justice.

Lord Bingham claimed on Monday that the legal advice justifying the war, given to then Prime Minister Tony Bliar was



The peer who is one of Britain's most respected judges, accused the



'violating international law'

by sending in troops to topple Saddam Hussein in 2003. he claimed the Attorney General at the time LORD GOLDSMITH had given the Prime Minister 'no hard evidence' that the tyrant had defied United Nations Resolutions against him.

But Mr Straw yesterday defended the Government and said he 'did not accept' claims that the military action was ILLEGAL. the former FOREIGN SECRETARY added:

'Lord Goldsmith's advice that military action was LAWFUL and in accordance with the Security Council resolutions was shared by many member states.'


However , the Liberal Democrats said the 'damning' comments meant a FULL PUBLIC INQUIRY was now



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