It has been a recognised right of the  English people since time immemorial to resist tyranny and we had an elective Monarchy with a Witanagemot of the wise.

The refusal of King Charles I to understand the customary learning of kingship brought on the Civil War of the 17th century when the RIGHT of RESISTANCE  was acclaimed by the

'great dictator of learning of the English nation'

John Selden who helped prepare the

'Petition of Right'

It was he who brought forward  the bill for the abolition of Ship-money

He died on Nov.30,1654, leaving his library to his executors, who gave it to the Bodleian Library at Oxford.


[The following from the work of Professor Glen Burgess-Ancient Constitution of England-1992

In his Table Talk John Selden  stated in his own language of the time his long held view:

Quest: What law is there to take upp Armes against the prince in Case hee breakes his Covenant?

Answer:  Though there bee no written law for it yet there is Custome which is the best law of the Kingdom; for in England they have allwayes done it. 

Sir John Davies's brief remark about the relationship of parliamentary statute to -

'doth far excell our written Laws, namely our Statutes  or Acts of Parliament:  which is manifest in this, that when our Parliaments have altered or changed any fundamental  points of the Common law, those alterations have been found by experimence [sic] to be so inconvenient for the Commonwealth, as that the Common Law hath in effect been restored again, in the same points, by other Acts of Parliament in succeeding Ages.

Sir Edward Coke seems to have held views similar to these. Yet the interesting thing about such remarks is not what they say but what they have carefully refrained from saying.  Neither Davies nor Coke seems to have particularly liked the idea that parliament could alter the common law by statute, but they were aware that there was no doubt it could do so.  As a consequence their remarks tend to be a little curmudgeonly in tone.  Hence Coke's assertion that statutes (and above all MAGNA CARTA)

'were for the most part, but the declarations of the ancient


and that innovation in law is a bad thing, seldom to be recommended.

*         *         *

Over many centuries a number of the now member states of the EU had to fight to obtain their IDENTITY and FREEDOM and COUNTRY and it was ENGLAND with her neighbouring nation states that was the advocate and champion in their cause.  Those emerging nations looked into their past customs as a people of centuries or millennium to achieve THEIR FREEDOM. In 2008, around the world there are many others  still striving to obtain those very rights as a PEOPLE. 

How can it be that a nation state such as ENGLAND who understood the feelings of those around the world who wished to follow our example in parliamentary democracy could abandon its very own unique system of JUSTICE and GOVERNMENT for being a part of a CORRUPT-UNDEMOCRATIC-SATANIC ENTITY calling itself a UNITED STATES of EUROPE.

Of course it is no secret that the BETRAYAL has been carried out stealthily over decades by our corrupt-disloyal and traitorous politicians who were  for their BETRAYAL rewarded with seats in the House of Lords. 

Our constitutional protector of our customary freedoms appears to have been totally oblivious to the dangers and encroachments by a FOREIGN POWER.

There are of course many millions of eurosceptics in our country but they have been poorly led and there is no LEADER or UNITY or MOVEMENT.  We have called over many years for a military personage of stature to take the helm because over the past 40 years their have been too many captains with no positive direction in mind and that is why they are stranded on a sand bank and stuck in fast and unable to reach their destination to direct a people who have almost lost their hard fought fight to retain their accustomed

 'Rights and Liberties'



Regrettably, we  see little evidence in 2008 that the English people are of the same mind as those of our forebears of the Seventeenth century -  at a time when their GOVERNMENT and CROWN have SOLD YOUR COUNTRY to a FOREIGN POWER.