Israel, Palestine and Jordan: Water Rights and the Red – Dead Sea Canal. A Zionist Project?

‘The Zionist-envisioned project was repackaged and sponsored by Jordan as a must to save the Dead Sea, and building a large desalination plant providing each Israel and Jordan with eight billion to 13 billion gallons of fresh water annually.

According to Israeli and international environmentalists, Israeli government’s policies of over pumping from the Sea of Galilee and Jordan River – serving Jewish only colonies – was the main cause for the loss of nearly 30 per cents of the Dead Sea’s mass in the last 50 years.

Herzl’s repackaged vision includes articles tacitly granting Israel exclusive water rights in the supposedly shared Sea of Galilee and Jordan River’s water. For the tri-party agreement empowers Israel to transfer close to 13 billion gallons of fresh water from those bodies to Jordan and to sell the state of Palestine 8bn gallons of drinking water at preferential prices.

Even more cynical is for the state of Palestine to purchase water from Israel -mind you at a special discount – while Israel continues to expropriate West Bank’s water aquifers for the benefit of illegal Jewish-only colonies for free.’

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