‘A’.    Our democracy   betrayed    


“Sovereignty”, the “British Constitution”, our “democracy”, “self-government”; what threads run through these priceless things, and hold them  together?  At least two fundamental principles are common to all of them. 


The First: is the hard won right of the British people to elect and dismiss those who make their laws? 


The Second:  is that the British people have given Parliament the power to make all their laws for them, but they have not given Parliament permission to give that power away.


Both of these principles, for which, over the centuries, millions have willingly given up their lives, already stand deeply betrayed by our membership of the European Union.  I propose to justify this depressing statement under three heads.


First:  What is the present position under the Treaties of Rome; how much of our democracy have we already handed over to the corrupt octopus in Brussels and how were we deceived into doing it?


Second:   How much is this costing us in cash and is it worth it?


Third:   What does the proposed EU Constitution have in store for us?


It is essential to remember that the people’s pact is with Parliament; it is not with the Executive or Government of the day.


The People elect and dismiss Members of Parliament once every 4 or 5 years, and our Government is formed out of a majority of elected MP’s.  But only 60% of the electorate now bother to vote in General Elections, and modern Governments are supported by only some 40% of those who do vote, or 24% of the electorate.  The percentage of those who vote is declining; trust in our system of Parliamentary Democracy is eroding steadily.


I submit therefore that these temporary Governments, always empowered by a minority of the people, do not have the right to break great pacts upon which our Sovereignty rests.  Yet that is just what they have been doing for the last 32 years.



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